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5 Utility Apps Every College Students Should Have

A student lifestyle is one that is encumbered with lots of things from getting to hop from classes to classes, lots of assignments, and tests to work on.

Makes you wonder how college life was back then, but thanks to technology and the changes that came with it, your smartphone, iPad and laptop are one of the most important tool to help you as a student.

It is paramount that you make the most of it as regards your studies. So, we are going to be looking at some utility apps that every college student should have.


1. Google Productivity Suite

Google offers a whole range of productivity tools, which are seamlessly linked, one to another. All google productivity suite is free to use, and you can never have the fear to be disorganized again.

Among the google productivity suite, we have google docs, google drive, google slide, google sheet, and so on.

There are also special niche apps from Google like the Science Journal, an app that allows users to log results and observations from their experiments.


2. Microsoft OneNote

This is an ultimate digital Notebook, courtesy of the almighty Microsoft. With this app, you can easily manage huge chunk of notes from classes, organize them into subsections, and even share with your colleagues.

There is more, as you can import pictures, annotate them with in-built tools that comes with it. You can also do cross-platform synching, audio inputs, if you are recording classes and so on.

The good thing about this Office Product is that it is totally free.


3. Forest

Your smartphone can be two side of a coin. It can be that thing that helps you actualize your goals faster. At the same time, it can be a very huge distraction that set you away from the path.

But thanks to Forest App you can get focused again. Forest is an app that lets you get focused on the most important things you have set out to do.


It’s a sort of a gamified application such that there is a timer attached to a task you want to do. So, if you work on the task you want to do with your phone, there is a plant that blossom when you do so, and when you don’t, it dies off.

It sure helps out when you are a lover of plants and nature. Great way to get you focused.


4. Brainly

This is a student-focused question and answer platform. Here, you pick people’s brain to do your assignments and projects.

It is straight forward to ask questions in form of a post. However, the good news is someone might have asked the question before, all thanks to the active audience of Brainly.

There is also an extensive search sections to look up for queries. It’s a platform where you can meet individuals to talk on topics.


5. Educational Apps

App store on your smartphone has plenteous educational apps where you can learn new skills or polish the ones you have before.

For example, with Coursera app, you can take professional courses, and earn certifications. You can learn languages, and so many other things.

Apart from Coursera, there are platforms like Udemy, Khan Academy, Duolingo that have apps you can use to learn new skills.

In summary, there are more than enough utility apps to help you with your college life as a student. Your Google play store or Apple iOS app store is a place to find many. Also you could do extensive research on apps that can help your productivity as a student.

Most of these apps are free; a few require some dollars to activate its use.


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