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10 Best Canadian Universities with the Lowest Acceptance Rate

Aside from being a well-desired location for the working class, Canada is also one of the best countries that have an increasing rate of international students from across the globe. The country has some of the top-ranking universities in the world and also offers the best academic and social experience for its international students with thousands of programs and extracurricular activities. 

Furthermore, due to the increased competition created by local and international students, some Canadian universities have set their eligibility so high that they admit fewer students annually to ensure academic excellence. Interestingly, most of these institutions also accept low rates of tuition; hence, they are more competitive. Do you want to acquire a degree in any of these institutions? Below is a list of the top 10 Canadian universities with fewer acceptance rates. Start getting prepared for the challenge ahead to acquire your desired degree in your desired institution.

1. York University

York University is rated one of the largest Canadian universities with its population of over 55,000 students. The institution has a wide range of faculties from which they offer diverse courses and programs ranging from Bachelors to Doctoral degrees. The significant academic figures of the York University include their law school, film school, and business school, which are ranked among the best schools in Canada.

Acceptance rate: 27%


2. Western University

western university

Located in the heart of Ontario, the Western University – a public research university – houses over 24,000 students who study diverse academic courses from medicine, law, arts, divinity and other departments across about five facilities. Smaller colleges and schools have merged with this institution to increase its capacity and make it a more prominent institution. With the university’s constant drive for renovation and rehabilitation, it has recently built six new state-of-the-art libraries that have thousands of highly resourceful books and materials, which will help students in gaining knowledge for research and invention.

Acceptance rate: 30%


3. University of Toronto

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto dates back to about 1827 when it was established as Kings College, making it among the first universities in Canada. The coalition of 11 different Colleges through mutual agreement gave rise to the University of Toronto. The university has other satellite campuses in other cities, aside from the main campus in Toronto.

In regards to achievements and accolades in research, the name “University of Toronto” rings a bell in the hearts of all. Some of its notable researches are in insulin research and production that has greatly improved the treatment of diabetes. The institution also has plausible approaches in social sciences, adding to the fact that its school of communication and literary criticism is notably one of the best across the globe.

Acceptance rate: 40%


4. McGill University

Having its base in Montreal, Quebec, the McGill University, founded in 1821, is among the highly competitive Canadian universities that have low acceptance rates. The institution offers over 300 courses in arts, management, medicine, engineering and many more. Even though the university is located in a francophone jurisdiction, most of its classes are taken in the English language. However, to study Law, it is required for students to understand the French language.

Acceptance rate: 42%


5. Queen’s University


Following a mandate from Queen Victoria in 1841, Queens University came into existence as a public research institution located in Kingston, Ontario. The institution has one of the largest collections of books and documentaries in its six libraries. This is one of the benefits its 23,000 students enjoy during their undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The institution also makes a huge investment in making e-books, digital files and other modernized studying options available to students.


Acceptance rate: 45%


6. University of Alberta

While in quest of a research-focused institution across Canada, the University of Alberta is among the closest options to students. The university has four campuses in Edmonton and has a population of over 30,000 local and international students from across 100 countries across the globe. Disregard the inclement weather, the university has been relentless in making impacts in the areas of development and agriculture and thereby contribute immensely to the growth and betterment of Canada. 

Acceptance rate: 51%


7. University of Waterloo

Just as the name suggests, the University of Waterloo is located in the beautiful city of Waterloo, Ontario. The institution has over six faculties where it offers a wide range of programs, which makes it very attractive to both international and local students. The emphasis placed on research programs makes the university graduate tow down the way of development and innovation after graduating from this prestigious institution.

Acceptance rate: 52%


8. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia has retained a high standard over the years and has produced three Canadian Prime Ministers. Besides, the institution organizes many leadership, professional, and research cum innovation-oriented programs, which are some of the reasons it continually produces ambitious, goal-oriented, and successful graduates. Amazingly, the first Max Planck Institute was established in this university and is, therefore, no surprise that the university thrives in quantum and nuclear physics.

Acceptance rate: 53% 


9. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa has a lot of unique features and facilities that make it attractive and highly desirable by many students across the globe. Located at the heartbeat of Ottawa, the institution is among the largest institutions in the world where their courses are taught both in French and English languages. With over 40,000 students, the university offers courses in areas like management, law, social sciences, and medicine.

Acceptance rate: 54%


10. University of Montréal

At the least of the list is the University of Montréal, located in Montreal, Quebec. With over 30,000 students, the research institution never stops progressing in stimulating research and innovation as it offers over 600 degree and graduate programs, and 70 doctoral programs. Continually rising day by day, the University of Montréal is reaching charts and coming up on tables of best Canadian universities.

Acceptance rate: 57%