5 Productive Things To Do During COVID-19 Pandemic

It may have been unexpected to say the least. The Covid-19 Saga has actually been like a thorn in the flesh, disrupting work life, business life, and school life.

The school calendar across the world has had to be on hold, because safety comes first, and lives matter in this global crisis.

While staying indoors may not be such a bad idea as a student, you would agree with me that this isn’t the regular indoor routine you are used to. This holiday is totally different from the ones you’ve had before.

You cannot go to the parks, or go hunting, or swimming, or camping, or travelling to some distant city you’ve mapped out to see this year. And all of this is because of the Covid-19 siege affecting the world globally.

Might I tell you that this is actually the time you could do more as a student than ever before?

Let’s see five productive things you could do as a student during this holiday



1. Register For Online Courses And Training

You are definitely aware of platforms where you could go for courses online and get certified with it. So, a quick stroll to Udemy and other e-learning platform will open your eyes to a lot of courses you could learn during this period. Some of these courses are free, while others require a few dollars that your student pocket can handle.


2. Learn Investment

Perhaps you’ve been saving as a student or not. Wherever you stand right now, you can devote your indoor holiday to learning about investments. Maybe it’s time to learn about taxation and how it really works. Maybe it’s time you learn about real estate and all that goes with it. Perhaps it’s time to understand how money really works. So, grabbing some books on these topics and getting a good idea of how it plays out is golden.


3. Start Off That Business Idea

Maybe you never thought about business or somehow, you’ve been thinking of having an online store or something that could be giving you a side income while you study. Isn’t this the perfect time to get right into it? It’s time to begin to make that idea a reality. Who knows? You could be the next Warren Buffet or Steve Jobs.


4. Spend Time With Family

You are always at school, and the only time you get to bond with your family or friends is during holidays. All thanks to Covid-19, you have all the time in the world to do that right now. Well, you shouldn’t just shut yourself in your room and come down stairs when you are starving or when dinner is served. Get to know your brother or sister or mum or dad or your dog more. Family matters.


5 .Plan Your Life After Covid-19

Just like the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, there is surely going to be life after Covid-19. The holidays are not going to be forever. So while you make the most of it, you should also plan your life as a student after this whole big drama. Things are not going to be the same, and a lot of opportunities are going to be staring at you after the holiday. Be prepared for it.

Remember, time is of the essence. Here’s a chance to be more than just a student. Here’s a chance to be phenomenal. Seize it.