5 Ways To Cultivate A Good Reading Culture As A Freshman

There is a large consensus that professors owes 40% to a student’s academic success; the rest 60% comes from the student’s part. In as much as there is a professor to lecture on a particular course, the students have to play their part in reading, studying and researching extensively beyond what is given in the class.

A student looking to do well in college with grades that ensures a successful schooling, definitely have to take reading and study seriously.

Unfortunately, reading has been rather problematic for many, especially freshmen, what with settling into a new environment entirely different from High Schools or the overwhelming activities on Campuses. In the end, many students struggle in establishing a good reading culture that would make them do well academically.

Here are five ways that you can use to build a good reading culture while having the best of your time in college.

1. Note Your Schedules

One very important thing about Campus life is being abreast of the activities you are going to be involved in. Freshmen make the mistake of doing everything and anything in their first year.

The first one week should give you an idea of what you can really do or not, so you can create the necessary time for reading. So, mapping out the activities is the first step to take.


2. Find Your Quiet Zone

By this I mean knowing where could be convenient for you in studying without distractions.

You want to be in a place where you can be fully focused and concentrated on reading without getting any distractions from your smartphone or without your friends bumping into you every time.

Find a place where you can be fully in for reading. A quiet zone is a place where your study is done, and nothing else.


3. Create Goals

Chances are that if you haven’t set goals on how you are going to go about your study, you won’t head anywhere with it.


It begins with writing down the time frame on how you are going to finish up with assignments, researches and perhaps mid-term papers for the semester.

What motivates us as humans is challenging ourselves, and goals are one of the ways to go about it. It’s a secret that every successful student in college won’t tell you about.

Create goals, and work towards the milestone you have set for yourself.


4. Form A Habit With Your Time

You’ve probably drafted a reading Time Table for yourself, and you are looking to get down to business with your goals for the semester.

One of the greatest discipline to have with your study is staying true to time. Once you know it’s time for your study, every other thing should be put off.

Really, it becomes easier when you keep up to what you have set out for yourself. As you keep your part, it becomes a habit, and habits are really difficult to break.


5. Watch Others As They Do It

One of the efficient ways to learn is to ‘watch’ and then practice what you’ve learnt.

As a freshman, you may already have spotted someone who’s figured out how to go about his or her study. Watch what they do if you are too shy to ask for tips. There is also inspiration that comes when you look at others doing what you desire to do.

As a wrap up to this, ensure you take time to practice what you’ve learnt here. Also, you could meet up with some seniors who would help out with this.

Your academic success is paramount.