7 Apps to Connect With Your Coursemates During The Covid-19 Holidays

The world is currently having a forced indoor holiday, and schools are not left out of it. There is no telling that you’ve probably got those group assignments and projects that you were working on, until everything went south.

The war against the pandemic would be won, hopefully, and school activities are going to be like a beehive after that. There wouldn’t be enough time to assemble individuals who might have divided attention settling back into the school environment.

This period is definitely the right time to work on those projects and assignments, and the good news is that it can be done online.

Thanks to technology and social media, it doesn’t matter the distance between you and your group members; you can communicate with them, discuss and fix deadlines on getting the projects done. You can also maintain the social distancing order to curb the spread.

So, let’s dive into ways you can meet with your coursemates and group members in times like this.


1. Create A WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is a great app for communication. It can be a great tool where you can meet and get your work done. All that is required is to create a group and add each coursemates or group members.

You can then discuss, brainstorm, or adjust concepts relating to your assignments and projects.


2. Instagram Group DM

Almost everyone is on Instagram these days, and this app allows you to create a group DM that allows everyone to be involved in discussions. Why Instagram? Not everyone involved in your group could be comfortable with other apps apart from Instagram. It’s best to find out which everyone is cool with.


3. Use Google Drive

No mincing words. Google Drive offers the easiest way to communicate on projects. With Google Drive, you can access a Google Doc, Sheet or Power Point involved in the project. A student can simply view any of these, edit or make changes accordingly. It’s a great way to follow up on the projects as it is happening.

The big advantage of using Google Drive? You don’t have to worry about your files getting lost; it safe.


4. Telegram


Telegram have some better functionalities than WhatsApp. Telegram literally functions like a cloud storage.

So, if there is anytime to go back to a particular project mistakenly deleted, count on Telegram where it would be backed up. You can also create a group chat with it just like WhatsApp.


5. Slack

Slack can be a great tool to use for assignments and projects online with your colleagues.

It’s a tool you can use to keep track of how everyone is doing, and helps your group to basically be on the same page. It’s free, and can be used for voice and video calls.

There is also the option of opening a large group chat among members, where specific assignments can be given to individual. Plus it integrates important apps like Office 365, and Google Drive used by students.


6. Go Skype

You can use Skype or Microsoft Teams Meeting if your group members are comfortable discussing via video chats than group chats. You’d fix times for when everyone is to join in the conversation and keep track of things involving the project.

Skype has been around for a long time, and it should not be much of a fuss or hassle in terms of its use.

Aside these ways discussed here, there are so many great ways you can connect with members of your team online and get the work done.


7. Zoom meeting

Zoom is another video chatting platform than is commonly used this days for online classes. The app can also be utilised by students to create group conversations via video-chatting as this is mostly preferred to be a better way to communicate with people that texting.

Look for what works for you and everyone in your team. You are smart enough to figure it out. Stay safe too.