7 Tips To Getting Campus Jobs

There are a whole lots of On Campus Jobs you can take upon as a student, and earn extra bucks to support your student life.

Some of these jobs require early application just when the semester is about to kick off, while some others require you to have a sharp eye for information that is passed around within the campus environment.

Not to worry, this piece is dedicated to showing you ways you can go about getting that on campus job that can give you the extra bucks.


1. Begin By Thinking Of What It Is You Want To Do

It works by aligning the skills you have by the jobs that might be available on campus. Do you have a first hand knowledge about the library? You can be a library attendant then.

Perhaps, you’ve have the necessary skills of been a gym instructor or attendant? Then think of becoming a gym instructor for your college. If you have a flair for social media, then you can serve your college media or marketing department.


2. Get Information On Jobs From Your College Job Board

Perhaps, you have never thought about looking through your school website to check for jobs. As customary, many colleges have online databases where they post job openings for students.

You should check on this with your school website. Also, if you are eligible for the Federal Student Work Experience Program, check to see jobs that are available.


3. Polish Your Resumé

A well-detailed and presentable resume is one of the important factors of landing your dream job. That you are looking for a job on campus doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your resume. In fact, you should polish your resume and treat the job you hope to get as you would a formal job.

A cover letter too can be a lot more helpful too.



4. Don’t Be Scared To Ask People To Help

Networking what you need to people is an essential way of getting it. You may have friends who are benefiting big time by working on campus, ask if there are openings at where they work on campus or ask if they can connect you to the manager or supervisor at their workplace.

It shouldn’t be only restricted to asking your friends alone. You can also ask an acquaintance of yours working on campus to help you.


5. Cork Boards

There are cork boards where flyers are always put up from the campus student center, to dorms and dining halls.

These flyers might be advertising positions on campus. Therefore, don’t ignore them if you have been doing so. It doesn’t take so much of your time to do so.


6. Network with professors

If you have possibly established a good academic relationship with one of your professors, you can cash in on it by asking if there is a position as an administrative assistant.

If you are lucky, the professor might actually be looking for a teaching assistant, and you get to work for the professor. Here’s a chance for you to put to good use the relationship you have with your professors for yourself.


7. Pay A Visit To Career Services

The Career Services arm of your college is a valuable resource, more than what you think. Apart from helping you to polish a winning resume, it probably knows most of the employment opportunities that you can fit into.

Why not pay a visit?

if you can’t really get hold of a job that matches your skill, consider searching for online jobs for students, that would fit to your schedule.