Copping with both Job and Schooling in the University

Making it into college/university is a big dream come true for every student. And settling down into the system to have an awesome experience is paramount to being successful in studies

However, there is a need to also be self sufficient to be able to cater for needs, probably which your tuition fees and some other fees do not cover.

In reality not every student is having it glossy and shining in terms of finances in school; there is the need to get a job to be able to have extra bucks as a back up support system.

While many students are working between studies and a job, the problem many are facing is having a balance between them. Some jobs are extremely demanding, and students are already stressed out enough with their academic responsibilities and other aspects of their life as well.

Others just lack the time management skills, and at such they are overwhelmed, torn between the decision to quit and face studies, which automatically translates to having no back up system for their finances.

If you are going through such crisis moment as a student, here is a piece entirely dedicated to showing you ways you can cope with your job and studies.


1. Learn Time Management:

Managing your time is really not difficult. The problem is you haven’t taken time to work it out. As a student, every of your time is precious, and should not be wasted on unnecessary activities.

Now you have a job to support you financially, there are things you know you have to cut off, so you could have some more time for your work and your study.

So, sit down, take an inventory of what they are, and scrap it off. You’d be surprised at the so much time you have at your disposal.


2. Get Some Tips From Those Ahead:

Just because you haven’t figured it out doesn’t mean your colleague haven’t. There will always be someone you see on campus who works as a sales person or cashier in one of the popular stores/restaurants and is still able to deal with school activities perfectly. Walk up to them and ask them questions on how it is working on the job and studying at the same time.


A sigh of relief it would be for you when you hear your fellow student helping you with tips to succeed on your job and studies.

So, who is it you want to approach on this? Get acquainted with them on this.


3. Your Work Shift Should Not Clash With School Work:

If your school work is often clashing with your work schedule, then you are getting it all wrong.

It’s probably best you quit and look for some other job that would allow you to have space between them.

If your job pays well or you feel that the job is perfect for you, then you have to discuss with your employer about rescheduling your shifts to balance out with your studies.

The important thing is seeking balance with your job and studies as a student, and it has to be something that allows you to do this.


4. Do Weekends Only If You Can:

If your course of study require too many attention to detail, it’s best you look for a suitable job that allows you to work weekends only. It has to be sacrificial anyways, because you’d have to devote your weekends to working for a decent pay to support yourself financially.

Conclusively, the most important factor to consider when looking for a job while you are actively in college or university is to find a suitable one that would not get you stressed out.

Your mental and physical well being is important to doing well in your academics. You should know and do what is the best fit for you to obtain this.