Dream Board: What Is It and Why You Need One?

When we were young, I’m very sure you remember how we came up with the profession and great things we wish to achieve when we grow older. Some got attracted to the white coats of the physicians and doctors, the engineer’s helmet made some of us fell in love with the engineering profession, while the boldness of lawyers in the courtroom inspired some of us to join the noble profession.

However, I think only a few were able to achieve their childhood dreams and aspirations. How about the others that weren’t able to fulfill  their dreams? Perhaps, they did not have their plans well outlined in what we call the “Dream Board” or “Vision Board” or “Dream Card.” Therefore, they easily forgot their dreams and switched to another path.

Now, one may ask the following questions: What is a dream board? Is it an image or a quote? How can one come up with one? How does it help one to be successful?

In this article, we provide answers to all these questions as we discuss everything related to Dream Board and the reason why everyone should have one. Now, let us start the discussion in detail.


What Is a Dream Board?

A dream board, which is also referred to as a vision board or a dream card, is a collection of motivational quotes, images, expressional words and other outward influences that reminds you of your ambitions and encourages you to keep striving towards your goals and aspirations in life.


Why do I need a dream board?

Actually, I was asked this same question two weeks ago by a freshman in my school and I know that many people reading this article might be curious about this question too. It is a known fact that pictures speaks louder than a thousand words. If you document your goals and career objectives on a paper, add some pictures or quotes to make it look more attractive and inspiring, and place it (the dream board) at strategic locations in your room or other places that you always visit, there is a higher chance that you will tick those boxes green very soon.

I know some of you might say, “I already know what motivates me, so why do I need to write them on a dream board?” Well, a dream board is also called a vision board because it links your thoughts and goals in a way that makes you see them working together. Most of us have procrastination issues and we often find it difficult to follow with our decision. Hence, the need for a dream card, which is a physical reminder of your ambitions, so that you do not forget or ignore them.


Where should I place my dream board?

I do not think there is a “one fits all” answer for this question but I suggest the following:

  • If you are a student, I suggest you place your dream board near your reading table or bedroom.
  • To professionals, I think the best place where you can place is in your bedroom or your office.
  • To entrepreneurs, you might want to place the dream board in your bedroom or your personal office.

Irrespective of where you want to place your dream board, always remember that your dream board is your reminder. Therefore, place it securely in a place where you live or where you always visit, so that you will not forget your goals and aspirations.

In summary, I advise you to come up with your plan for short term (1 – 3 years), middle term (3 – 5 years), and long term (5 years above). Write your plan in a clear and concise manner. Now, put these plans on a dream board or card. You can add some images or quotes to spice it up. Place your dream board in a strategic location. Then, have faith in yourself and work towards your goals. Success is yours!