Feelings you will have starting a university

I can vividly remember that day when I received a mail that I have been offered an admission to study biomedical engineering at one of the best universities in Canada. Oh, what a joyful and unforgettable day! I found it so difficult to stay in one place. The celebration, the cheers, and the gifts, all made me burst into tears, yes, the cry of joy.

In this article, I talk explicitly on the feelings that come with starting a degree at a college/university. This article will be most useful to students who will be schooling in an unfamiliar place.

Please, grab a seat as I take you through the memory lane.


  1. Happiness

After spending more than two years seeking admission at this particular school, I jumped for joy when I received my unconditional offer letter. Without exaggeration, I could remember trekking 6 kilometres to my friend’s house to share the good news with him. In my mind, I believed it is nice to serve him hot, couldn’t wait till the following day. The happiness was unparalleled. A week after, we moved from boutique to boutique, shop to shop, and supermarket to supermarkets, to buy clothes, shoes, and other relevant materials.

As a freshman, you will experience something similar to this. You will be so proud of yourself. It is not easy to gain admission into a college or university, so we felicitate with you.


  1. Excitement

With your clothes properly ironed, some freshly minted bucks of money being kept in your wallet, and your luggage well packed, you finally decide to move to your new destination. When you get to this new place, you will feel so excited about seeing beautiful structures, picturesque terrain, among others. Additionally, you are amazed to see new faces from different parts of the world. The excitement amplifies when you join your new colleagues to go hike mountains, clubbing, and seeing beautiful works of nature.


  1. Missing your family

When I first got to school, I did not miss home. I was busy doing one thing or the other. But after two or three weeks, I felt homesick. I missed the plangent bell that normally rings at 5 a.m., which is a call to Morning Prayer. Oh! I missed my mum’s usual way of talking to me.

You will experience this when you start a university or college. However, you can always communicate via phone calls, video calls, etc. with your family members and loved ones to minimize this feeling.



  1. Tired or stressed

It will come to a time when you will get tired of schooling. It’s never been easy to wake up at the early hour of the day to prepare for school. Few weeks after resumption, you will have to do some documentation and attend some seminars. Besides, you will have some assignments to do within a short time frame. These will stress you out and make you weak.

You can tackle this phase by always moving with some senior colleagues who are ready to motivate and put you through.


  1. Loneliness

When classes become more intense, lectures upon lectures, practical classes upon practical classes, it is most likely that some of your friends will leave you. Each of you might not have enough time for a party again. You will have to face your study squarely unless you plan to fail, which I am sure you don’t want.

At this point, you will feel lonely. You will think that the entire world is against you. Depression might even set in if care is not taken.

Do not panic; it is just a phase. You will all return to your normal lifestyle after you have succeeded in your academics. Moreover, you can even join some friends to study and read together, and this will make you feel active and alive.


  1. Being Proud of yourself

proud GIF

The feelings that come with great accomplishments like winning an award, having a high score in tests and exams, and graduating with a good GPA, is of no doubt, the one filled with gladness. You feel proud of yourself; your shoulders might rise a bit above your ears (smiles!).

However, do not let these achievements get into your head. See it as a challenge to do more. Be open to some advice and corrections, and your success is certain.