Selecting a College or University

Selecting a College or University of choice has always been a very complicated affair for students. There are a lot of tertiary institutions to pick from and all of them dispense different experiences, courses, and teaching patterns. You don’t just pick a University without having a clear understanding of the values and quality they uphold. Here are some tips to follow before selecting a University of your choice;

  • Consult University Rankings
  • Check the Selected University websites
  • Check on the facilities

Consult University Rankings

There are various University Rankings websites and platforms that you can check from, such as Times University Rankings. There are some that give you a general ranking while others may rank according to subject area, researches, and job opportunities. Some rank according to the quality of professors in the Institution while some consider facilities above all other things. Make a thorough consult on the rankings before you choose a University to study in. Check the ranking that deals with your subject area, along with the research opportunities that is opened up to you.

Check my article on the list of top universities in Canada.


Check the Selected University websites

After you have drafted out some Institutions from your rankings review, you then need to check through their websites to access the qualitative standard of the School. You will have access to their mission statement, vision, aim and objectives, their considerations, events, and departments in the Universities. You then go through the program you have chosen on their website. Check their course contents and synopsis of the program. Select the area within the program that you are particularly interested in. You can also contact their help desk to ask for further questions.

Check on the facilities

Furthermore, you must review the selected Universities facilities. Find out how good their Laboratories and Library looks like. One of the most important facilities to you is the Library. Check how comfortable the environment is, availability of internet access, how long they open and what kind of books do they have. Accommodation also is another important factor to be considered. The accommodation must be homely, nice and friendly for what a home must look like. Check how many roommates occupy an apartment and relate it with your consideration to see if you are comfortable with such. See other sports, social and entertainment facilities that the University possess. This is usually for those who are lover of sports and entertainment.


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