Shopping tips for students

Shopping for students mostly involve grocery, stationary and clothing items. Grocery shopping in college is usually the most considered and difficult shopping activity for students. These simple and basic foods are cheap, healthy and widely available.

In grocery shopping and other forms of shopping, there are some basic tips to consider. These tips will guide every student towards a successful shopping experience.

  • Have a budget plan
  • Make a list within your budget
  • Be acquainted with current prices
  • Always buy in bulk
  • Always do your shopping carefully

Have a budget plan

It is very essential for every student to have a budget plan as this is a guide towards proper wealth and financial management . Your budget should have a little overlap, not for the purpose of buying items that’s not on your budget list, but to prepare you for unforeseen inflation. Avoid changing plans frequently as listed in your budget plan/ financial calendar and remember, always stick to your budget- this is the key to getting your shopping done hitch free.

Make a list within your budget

Before going to the store or mall for shopping, there is a need to make a list of all items that you’ll be shopping for. Put more consideration into "what you need" over "what you want", this will help you save a lot of money rather than using it for extravagant spending. You’ll be surprised at how much you would save simply because you’ve place more emphasis on your needs over your wants. The desire to be equal with other students of high financial status will make you shop wrongly. Your most urgent needs should be your top priority. For groceries, place priority to healthy foods that will improve your assimilation power such as proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates.


Be acquainted with current prices

Most stores usually have statutory regulations that keep their system in check and balance and are often updated on their websites. You can browse the internet to check various prices of the items you want to purchase so as to have clarity in your budget and make inquiry about stores that offer discounts to students and always have your student card ready and use that as leverage in shopping.

Always buy in bulk

When shopping, always buy the items you want to purchase in bulk because it’s often less expensive and also saves time. The list of items you made should be considered all at once so as to make purchase easy and to reduce the rate of rational and biased shopping.

Always do your shopping carefully

Do your shopping carefully so as not to purchase items beyond your planned budget and also to give room for equivalent result between the planned items to be purchased and actual items purchased. Also, try as much as you can in avoiding emergency shopping. Often times, this makes you shop for things that you don’t need. Keep your hand within your budget and don’t listen to your covet heart that desires all that is in the store.


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