The Best 20 Fitness Apps for Students

It is possible to maintain a relatively active lifestyle at school and break physical inactivity with physical exercise sessions without hitting the gym. Grab your phone and install the best fitness apps for students, both for Android and iOS.

There are great solutions to train at school with your mobile phone’s help and avoid going to the gym. In this article, you will find the best 20 fitness apps that will help you to exercise at your home. We used the app’s functions, main highlights, and user ratings on the Play Store and App Store to develop this article.

So, kindly grab a comfortable chair, clinch a glass of water, and read through this article for the fitness apps that will help you keep fit.


1. MyFitnessPal

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

The MyFitnessPall application helps us achieve the desired figure, lose weight in a regulated way, and encourage the user to maintain an active lifestyle. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms, being easy to use.

The health and fitness app collects data on the calories and nutritional values of each food. It has tips for preparing healthy meals to help achieve the goals, lose weight, improve shape and lifestyle.


2. Freeletics Training Coach

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Freeletics gives you total freedom of time for training with a digital personal trainer, and it is a well-structured application. It allows you to define various goals such as weight loss, mass muscle gain, lifestyle improvement, and fitness monitoring.

It is one of the best free gym apps you can have on your Android or iOS, with several complementary apps for more specific training and sports. The ratings are excellent, and in the premium version, you have a more personalized follow-up.

It also highlights the control of exercises and training from Apple Watch and the integration of metrics with HeathlKit so that you can follow everything in the Apple application.


3. Strava

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

If you like running, cycling, or just walking outdoors, this is the best free fitness app. Whether to record the course with various metrics or achieve a more active lifestyle with a training plan, this is an excellent recommendation.

Strava also works with Apple Watch and uses GPS location for greater accuracy. Public ratings place it among the best free fitness apps, with careful design and intuitive interface on both platforms.

It is one of the most comprehensive fitness apps with the best support for multiple devices. Especially suitable for practitioners of outdoor exercise and fans of running or walking.


4. Spartan Home Workouts

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

The best fitness app for intense workouts, with sessions dedicated to MMA, you have a great interactive accompaniment. The app is free, simple to use, and promises to get you in shape quickly with more intense but customizable workouts.


5. iMapMyRun

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Talking about a completely free app for training is probably the iMapMyRun app even includes training and activity sessions for people with movement restrictions or motor disabilities. The app is the best way to plan your workouts.

It also serves as an incentive to practice sports, with personalized routines and various ways to record and track developments over time.

Worthy of highlighting is the compatibility with Android Wear devices (smartwatches), in addition to the Apple Watch. You can sync data from Garmin, Fitbit, and other wristbands and watches.


6. Exercises at Home – Without Equipment

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

“Exercises at Home – Without Equipment”  is one of the best school gym apps for those looking for specific workouts. The app has different sessions planned for the various muscle groups, with this free app making it simple to choose and with excellent guidance throughout the training.

Without leaving your hostel, you can train regularly by following the visual and audible indications, with sequences and intensities that adapt to the user. The application claims to follow a scientific method to achieve the objectives safely.

This app also has heating and cooling sequences that are worth highlighting, in addition to the automatic registration of the process. The app also has detailed video guides, customizable reminders suitable for beginners or more advanced users.


7. Women’s Training – Women’s Fitness

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

This fitness app made for ladies that are still students has specific workouts with 7-minute sessions to be the biggest highlight. There are quick and effective fat-burning workouts to reach the summer body in less time, in addition to detailed guides.

With a mobile phone, this app helps you define your waist, improve your physical and mental health without the need for equipment, or go to the gym. It is completely free, with no blocked resources, and can be used by beginners who want to start training.

Video guidance is the highlight of this fitness app, as is the built-in personal trainer. There are also heating and cooling routines and complete sessions with different muscle groups and goals.


8. Nike Training Club

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Nike Training Club training meets all needs in large or small spaces for those who want to train indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment. According to your athlete level, the app will offer targeted training – beginner, intermediate or advanced from weight training exercises to Yoga.

Instead of having an exercise list and timing on your own, the fitness app gives you all the audio and video instructions, which helps a lot to train without breaks and still have directions to get to the shape or goal you want.

In the same logic as Strava, Nike Training also has challenges that can become the profile and community’s achievements. As Nike itself says, “if you have a body, you are an athlete, so move with us, train, get stronger and prosper.”

Your daily workout can follow you on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS, and on Apple Watches.


9. Down Dog

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Like the Nike app, Down Dog also offers classes with all instructions for users. The difference is that they are all in the form of video and adapted to the different skill levels: beginner 1 and 2, intermediate 1 and 2, and advanced.

Also, you can choose the style of the soundtrack that will accompany you throughout the exercises and their rhythms: alt beats, alternative rhythms (short letter), acoustic, ambient, spiritual, piano and strings, brain waves, sounds of nature, or no music.

As there are different Yoga practices, you can choose what best suits your interest and style: complete practice, Hatha, Gentle, restorative, fast flow, without heating, Yin, Yoga on the chair, Ashtanga, sun salutations, and Yoga Nidra.

Among the choices that the fitness app allows you to make, there is the definition of objectives and gaining strength or flexibility.

10. Lifesum

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Like MyFitnessPal, Lifesum is also a fitness app for controlling caloric intake. However, this app has two significant differentiators from the competitor – the charming design and the recipes to instruct the user’s eating habits.

However, there are even more exciting differences: two tests, one to identify the appropriate diet for your food preferences (adapting menus according to allergies, consumption of meat and animal products, etc.) and another questionnaire with 41 questions to point out how healthy you are.

Besides, it also integrates with fitness apps to capture information about exercise. On iPhones, for example, it connects to health to store pedometer data.

Although there is a free version that is already a great help for goals (gain, lose or maintain weight) with ready-made diets, the fitness app also has premium plans to purchase recipes and personalized diets.

For Apple Watch wearers, Lifesum can accompany you everywhere. In addition to the fitness app having its version for wearables, it also has a watch face with widgets to easily follow the statistics.


11. Runtastic/Running

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

This fitness app has undergone some changes. Its name was previously Runtastic, and already today is the “Running” of Adidas. However, the objective remains the same: to keep track of the athletes.


Although there are several sports (walking, hiking, cycling, badminton, basketball, martial arts, stretching, boxing, etc.), the focus is on runners. With the GPS on, the fitness app will record your route, calories burned, and average activity speed.

Its highlight is the synchronization with smartwatches from Polar, Garmin, and Apple. It also shows the athlete’s progress chart and challenges from the app community, as seen in other apps mentioned in this list. There is also an Adidas news feed to keep you updated, which works almost like a social network within the app. That is, you can also publish and interact with other athletes.

As playing sports and paying attention to cell phones is difficult, the app also integrates with Apple Music, which helps a lot in putting the inspirational playlist.


12. Daily Burn

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Not unlike other fitness apps, the Daily Burn app has many exercises with a special focus, such as combat exercises, reduction of back pain, dances, strengthening and butt lifting, problems with diastasis, among many others.

The fascinating thing about the app is the possibility of expanding screens. That is, if your mobile device has a small screen for exercising, no problem, as the app allows broadcasting to television. So click on the icon, watch the video lessons in the homeroom and follow all the details.

Although the training is for all audiences, the focus on training female bodies is notable. The app also helps women who have delivered a child to regain their elegant and beautiful bodies. It makes them burn some belly fat and keep fit.


13. Gettoworkout

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

High-intensity interval training with your body weight:  get-workout is reminiscent of Freeletics but is not quite as hard because the exercises are kept simple. Those who step on the gas here will still reach their limits.

Here you only train for a while because everyone does as many repetitions as they can. Friends of different fitness levels can also train together as well.

The 40 full-body workouts can be filtered by level and duration, 10 to 45 minutes, and are named after dazzling metropolises. Helpful warm-ups and cool-downs are always included.

The workouts can be completed as a video with an instructor or only with a short preview with a timer if you already know how things are going – in each case, as a stream on the mobile phone or smart TV or download for on the go.

The app also offers automated training plans, an exercise database with instructions and challenges, and a community that pushes itself.


14. Athlagon

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

The analysis app developed by sports scientists and physiotherapists offers over 180 tests, including very good video tutorials on all areas of sport: stamina, maximum strength, flexibility.

If you have successfully passed all tests in a level, you can go one level higher. There are also weekly challenges. The basic version already contains many tests for free. If you want even more or want to train your skills regularly with an intelligent coach, you need a subscription.

For everyone who wants to monitor their fitness routine’s progress, this app is a perfect choice and utterly different from other fitness apps! The exercises are explained in great detail and are therefore particularly suitable for beginners, returnees, and advanced technology fans.


15. Nike Run Club

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

The Nike Run Club is a free app that helps you gradually improve your endurance while jogging. It is easier to use, and gives you feedback while running over kilometers, pace, distance, GPS route, incline, heart rate, and split times – with audio feedback from Nike coaches, elite athletes, and motivators. Since the intervals are automatically marked, all you have to do is tap start and start walking.

You can always see your location on the integrated map. The app can also be synchronized with your music apps and works on the Apple Watch. Do you want to improve your performance even more? Follow training plans or take part in community challenges.

This free app is a perfect choice for everyone who works on their running skills and wants to increase their endurance. However, if you want detailed training plans and strength exercises, you should choose a different app.


16. SmartWOD

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Are you familiar with air squats, pistols, and burpees, and can you perform them safely, cleanly, and at speed? If the only problem is that you can’t decide on your workout today or want to play practice roulette, then SmartWOD is the right app for you.

Filter according to your equipment – from none to small items to full gym equipment – the desired duration and, if necessary, your body part focus and then select the workout that appeals to you. If you don’t like the suggestion, click on “Next” until your muscles are trembling with anticipation. You can also choose the type of workout: time-based, Tabata, or as many reps as possible in a time slot.

You can also create and save your workouts for the day. You can also find some warm-ups on the app too.


17. Pumatrac

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

Pumatrac is an entirely free app that is based wholly on your training preferences. After registration, you will be asked which type of training you enjoy the most, and then you will receive personalized suggestions. The more you train with the app, the more intelligently it is curated.

Pumatrac offers 120 tailor-made video workouts. International trainers and professionals demonstrate the exercises, and at the same time, a voice prompt explains what to look out for during the training session. In summary, you will also get an overview of the course of the training.

The app also works on the Apple Watch and has a run mode that tracks time, distance, pace, and calories burned. In the feed and the user leader board, you can motivate and compare each other. A calendar saves all completed workouts, which can also be shared with friends.


18. RunKeeper

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

In the app Runkeeper, all endurance athletes get their money. Choose between running, cycling, hiking, skiing, skating, and much more and take part in different challenges. Pick a personalized plan that motivates you to walk out the door every day.

The app can also be connected to various sports watches and activity trackers and synchronized with your music apps. There is also the option of choosing between five different voices, which should drive you with information about your pace, distance, and time (you’ll particularly like the drill instructor).


19. LOOX

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

LOOX is the fitness app for everyone who likes to train in the gym or with equipment and plan to improve their training. The app contains around 300 training plans from different experts – for example, from the famous fitness blogger Mark Maslow – which you can complete over several weeks.

The individual plan integrates the fitness equipment found in every gym and shows you the individual exercises and repetitions. The app also contains a training analysis that documents the training status.

With the Plus membership, you can flexibly exchange exercises from training plans or create meaningful support and inspiration.


20. GymRun

  • Android: Available on the Play Store
  • iOS: Available on the App Store

GymRun is a comprehensive fitness diary with free training plans for the gym or an at least reasonably equipped hobby room. We can do exercises here individually according to our mood; all workouts are sensibly sorted according to the muscle groups used and come with many individual exercises. If the extensive selection is not enough for you, you can also enter new exercises yourself: including a photo, notes, and of course, names.

With this app, we design individually tailored workout routines that specifically build up selected muscle groups. The app has a log session that helps you keep track of your training successes, motivating you to keep being fit.


Three Tips For Creating A “Gym” At School

1. Use the space at your disposal

It can be your school training ground, a room in your hostel, or even a balcony. In limited spaces, opt for conventional physical exercises such as squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and combinations of both.


2. Go for the minimum equipment

Well, this is expected as you’re a student. Hence you’re limited to materials.  You can opt for simple materials such as a yoga mat or similar weights to begin your workout. Do not invest in ellipticals or treadmills. With these apps, you can train from your hostel and get fit within some months.


3. Create a solid routine

Fitness apps are a good incentive, but you won’t reach your goals without willpower and a well-regulated routine. Remember to create a schedule or devote a few minutes of the day to the exercise.

Our relationship with health has changed. We are more concerned with the quality of life and guiding ourselves according to fitness guidelines. After all, there are already new ways of accessing guidelines for a healthier life, such as gym franchises, devices, and fitness apps.