The Best Engineering Schools in Canada, 2023 Rankings

Canada is undoubtedly among the best countries in the world offering the best programs in engineering. However, while there are many universities across Canada offering diverse courses in engineering, there are also some that top the chart of different ranking bodies.

Best engineering universities in Canada
Engineering building at the University of Waterloo. (Courtesy of University of Waterloo)

Below is the list of the best 20 engineering schools in Canada 2023 along with the program reputation and research reputation for each schools according to Maclean’s rankings, with the * Indicating a tie.

RankSchoolProgram ReputationResearch Reputation
*1University of Toronto*1*1
*1University of Waterloo*1*1
3University of British Columbia33
4McGill University44
5University of Alberta65
6McMaster University56
7Queen's University77
8Université de Montréal8*9
9Victoria University*138
10University of Calgary*11*9
11Laval University10*11
12Carleton University*11*14
13Université de Sherbrooke922
*14Concordia University*1813
*14University of Western Ontario22*11
16Dalhousie University16*14
*17University of Manitoba*13*18
*17Ryerson University*18*14
19University of Ottawa15*18
20University of Guelph17*18



The list above does not imply that other universities in Canada are not great and efficient in offering engineering programs. This is just a way of analyzing the universities that has continually served students based on the quality of their programs and the reputation they’ve built in all areas of engineering.