Tips To Being Successful In College


It must have felt like being on top of the world when your admission letter to college came via the mail box. The thought of what you would do, the wonderful people you would meet, and the wonderful things you would see kept ringing in your head.

Now you are finally in college, and you are beginning to get settled into the environment, it’s imperative that you come out successful from here.

Your success as an individual in life has a lot to do with your success in college, both academically, socially and intramurally.

Fear not. Others before you have taken this journey and successfully ended it, and are doing well outside college. What you need to know is that these students before you did one or two things that made them come out great.

So, we are going to be looking at some tips that could help you tow the path of success while in college.


1. It Begins By Knowing Why You Are In College

The College environment is like an ice cream box, having ice creams with different flavour. You get to pick your own based on what you want.

If you are in college to study, learn, meet with people, become a better person that would impact society at large, then this should be it for you.

If you are in College to have fun, be at every party on campus, while having bad grades and coming out unsuccessfully, so long.

Define why you are in college. Your defining moment affects every of your other decisions you make while in college.


2. Have A College Mentor

A mentor is someone who has walked the path that you are looking to begin your journey.


So your college mentor could be your class professor who would be like a hawk over you or some successful senior who everybody knows is doing well successfully in college.

We are often influenced positively or negatively by people in our lives. We decide who we let in or out of it. If you’ve never thought of having a college mentor, perhaps you should sit down and look around you, picking one that would fit into what you want from them.


3. Have College Goals

Set goals, so you can have priorities. A student without goals is like a ship without a rudder; you can be swayed to any direction.

Take time to write the sort of grades you want to have, the sort of projects you plan to execute, the sort of impact you want to input in the lives of those on campus with you.

In short, write a success plan you wish to manifest in your life as a student on campus.

Writing these goals builds a sense of responsibility you know you owe to yourself. Don’t have college goals before? Start with one right now.


4. Mind Your Circle

You are the average of the most people you hang around with. You are the average of the circle of students you have around you.

Check your circle, are they party freaks? You probably are one too. Do you hang around with students who always look for problems to fix? Check yourself as well, you probably have a flair for solving problems too.


5. Stay True To The Rules

You probably have a list of  ‘do’ and ‘don’t’; stay disciplined and true to them. If it’s time for studies, stick to the time for it.

If it’s time to hang out with a few friends, do so. And when it’s time to leave, you should do so without hesitation.

Conclusively, your success as a student in college rest in your hands. Be responsible for it.