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Best 10 Canadian Universities for Software Engineering, 2021 Rankings

One of the most trendy fields of study in this present age is software engineering. This study entails a systematic approach to the development of computers and their related components like gaming, software packages, and many more. When deciding on the right institution to look up to for a degree in software engineering in Canada, some of the core factors to keep an eye on include tuition, international reputation, and accreditation of the institution by relevant bodies as well as scholarships, and many more.

When it comes to the study of software engineering, Canada remains a top choice to look up to for a degree in this field. In this article, we put together a list of the best 10 universities in Canada to study software engineering.


1. University of Toronto

Coming first on the list is the University of Toronto. Known for offering good courses in the field of technology, the U of T also makes available the study of software engineering. In this field, students are made to learn the basic parts of putting together computer software, software memory management as well as the proper functioning of the built software.

Since computers in this modern age are built to work hand in hand with softwares (and they most likely will not work without it), as one of the top universities in Canada offering software engineering, the University of Toronto teaches students to know and understand the core areas of software programming, data security, and software structures, which make for a comprehensive software engineering program.

Upon graduation from this leading university in Canada for software engineering, graduates become potential employees at organizations like Microsoft, Intel, AMD, IBN, ARM, ATI, Oracle, Cisco, Sun, and a lot more.


2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is another leading Canadian university offering software engineering. At the University of British Columbia, students of software engineering are made to focus on the software-intensive systems. In alignment with the course of study, students also take expository classes in software design, software project development and management, user interface, and software quality.

Interestingly, software engineering graduates from this university in Canada offering software engineering usually come out fully equipped and enlightened in both the development and management of software. This skill helps them understand how computers and softwares work (as well as how to make them integrated into larger systems) thereby making them employable by top tech organizations.


3. University of Waterloo

The software engineering program at the University of Waterloo is way beyond just writing codes, students will also be taught how to perform other core programming functions like understanding digital hardware systems, analyzing architectural software, developing computer and human interfaces, and many more. Amazingly, they might not learn these in any other university in Canada offering software engineering.

Another great advantage of studying Software engineering at the University of Waterloo extends to the series of skill set students will be made to acquire during their course of study. It is crucial to note that this skillset is what makes them employable upon graduation. Some of these skills are:

  • Teamwork
  • Software analysis
  • Mobile development
  • Ability to create reliable and faster softwares


4. University of Alberta

Since the introduction of software engineering in the University of Alberta, it has been leading ways uniquely. The University of Alberta is one of the first set of Universities in Canada to teach Python (a very popular programming language). By deeply understanding the Python programming language, students quickly learn how to create meaningful and graphic programs.

What more should you expect from one of the best software engineering universities in Canada 2020? The University of Alberta’s computer engineering program develops students into professional software engineers who can develop useful software and applications, which are highly effective and user-friendly.

In the advanced software engineering course at the University of Alberta, students get hands-on and practical experience via the Community Service Learning course where they would be tasked to complete a software project for a client.


5. McGill University

Another institution among the top 10 Canadian Universities for software engineering is McGill University. Software engineering at McGill University entails a lot beyond coding, it includes the development and testing of complex software, managing computer softwares to perform certain tasks like scanning items at the store, booking an airline, keeping updated with an institution’s info, and more.


Unlike other universities in Canada offering software engineering, McGill University does not restrict students’ education to software engineering alone. While they study the function of softwares, students are also made to take general complementary courses in addition to software engineering and other technical courses. These courses are mostly in management studies, social sciences, and humanities, which make students develop an interest in other areas like economics, psychology, philosophy, management, business administration, or even politics.


6. Simon Fraser University

The software engineering program is offered in the school of computing science. Here, courses are offered at the Burnaby and Surrey campuses. Simon Fraser University delivers the program via a series of hands-on and practical learning experience. As one of the best universities in Canada offering software engineering, graduates of the school always end up with a solid understanding of how to develop software and manage it properly for access by others.

Other advantages of studying at Simon Fraser University include:

  • Students will be fully equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to gain employment in a high tech company both in Canada and abroad
  • Students would have enough work experience from internships and by studying under professionals in the field of software engineering
  • SFU is not just one of the universities in Canada offering software engineering, the institution is also located in a tech hub, which homes both local and international organizations in diverse areas of technology.


7. University of Montreal

Another institution coming in the league of the best software engineering universities in Canada is the University of Montréal. The program is built on the principles of computer science and provide students with a broad knowledge in the development and proper management of designed softwares.

Also, the program help students focus more on the practical aspects of software engineering as it is designed with more courses on software development and programming. There is also merit for students to have a first hand and detailed learning of the python language at the University of Montreal.


8. Queen’s University

The Queen’s University is one of the leading software engineering universities in Canada. The courses at Queen’s are designed to help students develop the necessary skills they would need for a fulfilling career in software engineering. Interestingly, these skills are a blend of computer science and software engineering.

Furthermore, students are made to understand how to interact and engage themselves with prospective employers via internships (this is designed as part of the curriculum). Also, the university creates connections with large tech companies across Canada like Asidua and Liberty IT. These two organizations often provide academic and career sponsorships for students (of Queen’s University). Adding to the fact that the institution has links with not less than 500 IT companies across the globe, one can easily understand why unemployment is never a thing to worry about as a graduate of Queen’s University.


9. University of Calgary

One of the top universities offering software engineering in Canada is the University of Calgary. At this institution, students are put through a lot of design work, research, and much other practical learning to gain foundational knowledge and experience relevant for success in the field of software engineering.

During the course of this learning, most of the learning usually occurs via tutorials and classes. Other times, students acquire knowledge through assignments, which sometimes entail the designing of softwares and other computer-related projects


10. University of Ontario Institute of Technology

The last, not the least, on this list of the best software engineering schools in Canada is the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. The software engineering program at this university program is duly designed in a way that helps students focus on the design of packages, development of softwares as well as analysis and testing of secure and reliable software systems.

In addition, the software engineering program from this institution makes use of both the engineering and computer science approach to take students through the wall for four years. Surprisingly, there are co-op placements and internship schemes, which give students more exposure and on the job experience.

Lastly, the women studying software engineering at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology provide a multi-year program for women. This program helps them gain more experience and exposure in their career; thereby leading to a transition into a successful engineering career.