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Top 10 Dentistry Schools in Canada 2021

One of the most rewarding careers in Canada is dentistry. According to an article on Indeed, the average salary of a dentist in Canada is $132,636. The Canadian Dental Association said that “today’s dentists do more than drill and fill patients’ teeth; they perform a wide variety of procedures and functions.” These functions range from oral health education, prevention, and restoration procedures (as well as surgery when necessary). In respect of the latter, the association makes it clear that dentistry involves an artistic element, which is also a detailed craft as it broads on precision in handwork.

Do you wish to study dentistry in Canada? This article is a compilation of the top 10 dentistry schools in Canada. It is worth noting that a degree program in Dentistry or Orthodontics takes four or five years to complete. In addition, a huge number of Canadian dental schools request the submission of the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) scores. After agreeing to that, read on to discover the best dental schools in Canada.


1. University of British Columbia

Following the institution’s ranking of 24th position in the QS World rankings of best dental schools, the University of Columbia comes first among the top 10 dental medicine schools in Canada. Typically referred to as UBC, the University of British Columbia is a framed public research institution, which has many facilities and campuses in British Columbia.

The university’s dental medicine school is known as the faculty of dentistry. Established in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, the school has constantly received accolades and recognition not just as one of the top dental schools in Canada but also among the top dental schools in the world. Furthermore, the dental department of the University of British Columbia makes available a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, which gives its students the opportunity to obtain diverse scholarships offered by the institution.

Studying dentistry at the University of British Columbia exposes students to the following:

  • World-class training in Dental science and Dental medicine
  • Globally-renowned dental degree certificate
  • Practical knowledge in oral biology


2. University of Toronto

The second school on this list is the University of Toronto. The U of T, established in 1875, is known for academic excellence, groundbreaking research works and innovations, and raising global leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics. The U of T dental school is ranked 36th on the 2020 QS rankings for dental schools.

The school prides itself in raising dental specialists, who are highly skilled and professional. The University of Toronto also offers scholarships to brilliant international students, who want to study dentistry at this world-renowned university.

Some of the areas of specialization at the U of T Dentistry School includes:

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Oral dental care
  • Orthodontics
  • Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Pediatric Dentistry


3. University of Alberta

Next in the league of top 10 dentistry schools in Canada is the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta, established in 1908, is one of the most famous and well-known universities in Canada and in the world. The University of Alberta’s Dental School is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It has tens of top professors and researchers, who offer top-notch teachings to their students.

The dental school offers wide range of programs, which includes:

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
  • Oral dental care
  • Postgraduate dentistry courses


4. McGill University

At McGill University, the faculty of dentistry is fully dedicated to maintaining leadership roles in scientific research, oral health education, and dental surgery. The series of programs at McGill University are put together to work synergistically to ensure that every aspect of research, teaching, and outreach mission is done in a way that it offers excellent learning, teaching, and care.

Strategically offering its courses to meet the needs of the society, McGill University delivers reduced cost and free oral health services to underserved groups within and outside Montreal. Dentists who graduated from McGill University can work any region – urban or rural, as they were trained for global practice.


5. University of Manitoba


The University of Manitoba is one of the top dental schools in Canada that offers dental courses in Canada for international students. The dental hygiene program at this institution fully prepares students to work as a dental hygienist in numerous employment settings.

Boasting of the only dental hygiene program in the province, the University of Manitoba’s school of dental hygiene duly educates students in the state of the art clinic and preclinical laboratories. Thereby, providing them with hands-on training and technologically advanced skills, which they will need in their career. All these are offered to students via highly trained clinicians and researchers who are specialists in their respective fields.


6. University of Montreal

A good number of dental schools require some pre-university study as well as a deeply rooted background in sciences. The University of Montreal’s dental courses is designed to provide students with a comprehensive dentistry education. Students usually benefit from the small size of the classes as well as lab experience, which includes hands-on laboratory sessions for all grades, personalized interaction with their professors, and a series of excellent co-op opportunities.

As a top choice among the best dental schools in Canada, the institution makes it possible for students to get themselves acquainted with the study of dentistry as it offers specialized seminars for students in their first year. The aim of the seminar is not only to bridge the gap between high school and university level study but also to give students great opportunities to know their professors in person and interact freely with them.


7. Western University

Coming next is the University of  Western Ontario. The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University is one of the top dental schools in Canada offering dental courses in Canada for both international students and local students. The institution is an urban, public medical and dental school, which serves the people of Southwestern Ontario.

With a mission to provide dental education, the institution has continually prepared and trained students who would eventually become professionals that take care of dental needs of their communities. Amazingly, graduates of this institution are easily accepted into their dental care career as the courses at the university are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).


8. Laval University

Laval University is one of best dentistry schools in Canada. At Laval University’s Dental School, students are trained to meet the needs of the population in areas of oral health. From treatment to prevention of dental diseases, students are taught how to plan treatments, make a diagnosis, treat diverse cases, make a prognosis, and acquire interpersonal skills with stakeholders and patients in the field.


9. Dalhousie University

Since its inception in 1908, the Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Dentistry has been providing students with an outstanding education. Students practice and learn in the institution’s state-of-the-art lab and clinic facilities from internationally and nationally recognized faculty members. The faculty has a good number of highly competent oral health care professionals who take students through the learning process during their course of study. The dental care program at this institution is fully accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC).

In Dalhousie’s four-year Doctor of Dental Surgery program, students will learn techniques in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a full range of dental diseases, which include how to screen for oral cancers as well as perform oral surgery.


10. University of Saskatchewan

Coming last among the top 10 dental schools in Canada is the University of Saskatchewan. The dentistry program offered by this institution is a fast-changing, growing, and expanding program with the scope of teaching students how to work much broader today than ever before, while they also continually grow in their chosen career.

Students who chose to study at this Canadian prairie-based dental school will learn to perform a wide range of functions and procedures, which includes:

  • Prevention/Public Education
  • Detection And Management Of Oral Conditions
  • Esthetic Improvement
  • Restoration, Correction
  • Reconstruction and surgery

Upon completion of this program, students will graduate with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree and are also eligible for a license to practice in Canada, the United States, and Australia.