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Best Universities for MBA Programs In Canada 2020

Thinking of understanding the principles of effective business management or willing to work with an organization to render your expertise for business growth? Then you might need to take a program in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Students can study MBA programs in any country they like. However, there is a rising desire for Canada due to the various industries therein. Many international students also find Canada as a great place to do their MBA, adding to the fact that Canada has one of the most liberal post-MBA visa policies in the world.

The list of the best Canadian institutions for MBA programs is compiled below using reputation, recognition, and quality education as the criteria.


10. Concodia University- John Molson School of Business

Rankings for John Molson School of Business includes 13th on 2020 Maclean’s rankings, 8th on 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings,  “Beyond Grey Pinstripes” ranking from the Aspen Institute, Corporate Knights’ magazine as among “Top 30 Global Green Schools”, and rankings from the Economist. The MBA program is designed from an interdisciplinary perspective, which gives students a better understanding of what the employers and customers want.

The areas of specialization at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business includes Entrepreneurship and family firms, Consulting and strategy, Business analytics, Globalization, as well as People and organizations.


9. University of Calgary- Haskayne School of Business

Having the utmost specialization in Sustainable development and Global Energy Management, the Haskayne School of Business has clinched a top position on FIND MBA’s Top schools for a career in Natural resources and energy as well as 12th on 2020 Maclean’s rankings. The school’s concentration is beyond just energy management but also extends to Real Estate studies and Finance cum management.

The academics cum business experts at the Haskayne School of Business pride themselves in equipping students with the never-failing skills and strategies needed to run a business effectively. It is worth noting that this school has produced hundreds of business tycoons and highly respected business administrators.


8. HEC Montreal

Being a global elite school of business, HEC Montreal holds three highly prestigious accreditations: Equis, AMBA, and AACSB International as well as top rankings by Businessweek, 10th on 2019 Maclean’s rankings and 6th on 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings; this makes the institution stand out among business schools within and outside the city of Montreal and across Canada. The school is also prominent among French-speakers who can decide to take the MBA program with French language as the medium of instruction.

HEC Montréal accepts students from anywhere across the globe. Its diverse professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds are resourceful aids to students as it expands learning experience and network. The latter can be asserted to be the reason MBA graduates from HEC Montreal tend to venture into financial consultancy and services, technology sectors, brand management and many more.


7. Queen’s University- The Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business

The Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business offers high-quality MBA programs in full time, part-time, and online modes. It is ranked 5th on 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings and 8th on 2020 Maclean’s ranking. The institution lies on the US/Canada border, which provides a large number of networking and international job opportunities for students.

Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business has maintained an excellent international reputation for developing leaders who meet up with the business needs of the world around them. The latter is made possible as the MBA program has various specializations from which students can choose from to study. They are but not limited to Healthcare Management, Consulting, and Finance.


6. McGill University- Desautels Faculty of Management

McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management is rated as the most popular MBA School both in Montréal and across Canada. It is placed 6th on 2020 Maclean’s rankings and 2nd on 2020 QS Canada MBA Rankings. The program entails an in-depth knowledge in areas such as strategy consulting, organizational behaviour, operations, marketing, and finance. With a vast knowledge in these areas, a very high number of graduates get to start their own business or decide to go into technology organizations.

During the program, students are exposed to participation in international exchanges, practicum, and an internship program, which is supervised by the faculty. With these sets of training and curriculum, students of this school are well prepared to solve real-life problems and contribute to the growth of their organization, company, and nation.



5. Western University- Richard Ivey School of Business

Based on the fact that the program can be completed within 12 months, Ivey’s MBA program is ranked top by The Economist, Businessweek, Financial Times, as well as 3rd in 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings. The Richard Ivey School of Business is well known among students who are working class and do not want to spend much time chasing an MBA.

Moreover, the program is not just a set of courses but an action-oriented learning experience that is designed to increase the pace of success in the world of business. Its MBA program also builds students as decision-makers as they will be trained to develop alternatives, analyze data, and make dependable recommendations.


4. York University- The Schulich School of Business

The Schulich School of Business has a good number of rankings within and across Canada, some of them include 4th on 2020 Maclean’s rankings, 4th on 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings, top MBA program in Canada by Corporate Knights, Financial Times, Forbes, the Economist and also from CNN Expansion. York University offers the MBA program to equip students with the required knowledge and leadership skills needed to gain stands and have a competitive advantage above their peers in the industry.

Across eighteen (18) extensive areas of specialization in industry sectors, management functions, and specialized business issues, the York University’s Schulich School of Business helps students hone their skills in their diverse fields of interest.


3. University of Alberta- School of Business

With a specialization in Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment, studying at the University of Alberta, School of Business can be an excellent springboard into the energy industry in neighbouring areas and across Canada. In buttress of the latter, the school is listed 3rd on 2020 Maclean’s rankings, 9th on 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings and also among the top schools for a career in Real Estate, Energy, Natural Resources, and Public Sector Management by FIND MBA.

One of the courses students will take during their program is Business Strategy – SMO 641, which entails students to work with an outside organization on any strategic issue the organization is facing. It is required for students to identify the problems and provide possible solutions. This equips students with the needed knowledge to perform beyond par in an entrepreneurial and corporate environment.


2. University of Toronto- Joseph L. Rotman School of Management

Pursuing an MBA is a life-changing decision, this makes it more tedious to be accomplished as there are also many factors to put in place of which include focus, timing, and location. Rotman School of Management covers all these factors as it dwells in the heart of Toronto that lies a few steps away from Canada’s financial and dynamic commercial hub.

Additionally, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management has a unique set of specialization in its MBA program, which includes Real Estate, Brand Management, as well as Investment Banking. The school is ranked 2nd on 2020 Maclean’s rankings, 1st on 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings and also reputed by FIND MBA to be a top business school for a career in financial services, corporate finance, and brand management.


1. University of British Columbia- Sauder School of Business

The Sauder School of Business is ranked among the “Global Green MBA” listing from Corporate Knights magazine, 1st on 2020 Maclean’s rankings, and 7th on 2020 QS Canada MBA rankings, which gives it accolades and recognition, thereby making the school a right choice for MBA programs. Aside from that, the institution has been ranked, outstandingly, in some other listings like the Financial Times’ Global MBA rankings.

While studying at the Sauder School of Business, students will have access to take part in networking events, travel as part of the Global Immersion Experience, and also have access to specialized mentorship opportunities. These help in building students’ Curriculum Vitae, strengthening ties within students’ network as well as establishing meaningful and deep relationships with others.



This article has clarified the rankings and standards of MBA schools in Canada. The tedious, expensive, and highly demanding nature of MBA programs can never be over-emphasized. It is, therefore, imperative that students should think wisely in selecting the right institution for their studies. The knowledge you will acquire during an MBA program is indispensable, but the reputation of the institution that awards you the MBA certificate might do the magic in getting you the job. With this guidance, you are already on the path to success in your MBA program.