Top Journalism Schools Ranking in Canada 2023

As the world keeps evolving, the requirement for the spread of information globally continues to grow. Therefore, for anybody who seeks to acquire practical knowledge and excellent academic training in this noble profession, they must be ready to give it their best.

Below are the top 10 journalism schools in Canada.


1. Ryerson University

Right at the center of Toronto, Ryerson university offers an entire four-year program to students looking to earn a degree in journalism, toward the end of which graduates are fully equipped with the fundamental capacities to be valuable as reporters.

Ask yourself what ground the CBC Radio’s Arthur Black, Outpost Magazine’s Kisha Ferguson, and some other acclaimed journalists share? Simply put, they are generally valuable in the news world, and the good thing is – they are alumni of Ryerson University’s School of Journalism.

At Ryerson University, understudies have the unique opportunity to be tutored by the leading and globally-renowned experts in journalism. Known for their extraordinary showing capacities, these veterans can help their students upgrade their abilities – so you can turn out to be much the same as them.

The school highlights expansive course decisions in both the academic and the professional fields. This capacity allows students to set their instructive needs and tailor their programs to their preferred programs. Students are also taught to rehearse standard terms using the best new studios, modifiable stages, and accessibility of temporary job programs.

The school has tens of experts who teach the students how to explore, compose and publish news and insightful articles.


2. Carleton University

Tracing back to the 1940s, Carleton school of news-casting and journalism has some expertise in broadcasting, media, and interactions, making it one of the most sought after schools in Canada. The school offers different degrees, including a Bachelor of Journalism certificate, Master of Journalism certificate, a Bachelor of Media Production and Design certificate, Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies certificate, a Master of Arts in Communication, and a PhD. in Communication.

The school centers explicitly around news and political journalism while, at the same time, including a compulsory one-year program for experienced writers and those with a news-casting.

Moreover, this institution understands the importance of journalism students needing to have competency in a second language before graduation. Without an iota of doubt, Carleton Journalism graduates are seasoned bilinguals, if not multilingual. While your program will most likely be English or French-taught, you could likewise go for different languages, for example, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and so on.


3. University of British Columbia

The school, informally called UBC, is a tertiary institution used for various research and learning center. It is a great foundation that is reliably positioned among the best state-funded colleges globally and was named America’s most global University some time back.

UBC’s journalism degree program follows several reasonable teaching strategies that outfit the students with the proper preparation to empower them to become a force to be reckoned with in the news world. The school likewise employs a one-on-one demonstrating technique while speaking with the students. More importantly, the mentorship is accessible even after graduation.

As indicated by the survey with alumni of the school, the institution’s graduates all expressed that their learning experience has been useful to their headway in the news coverage circle. Simply put, they are glad about their experiences with the school, the scope available for the entire program and couldn’t imagine anything better than to acquaint the school’s program with loved ones.


4. University of King’s College

The University of King’s College, the most established University in Canada, found in waterfront Halifax, N.S., have degree programs incorporate arts, science, music, as well as journalism, which is mainly known for its news-casting mastery. It is said that King’s graduate classes are available in pretty much every newsroom in Canada. The school offers fundamental training in news-casting through four particular projects;

  • The four-year Bachelor of Journalism program offers research and narrating abilities inside a comprehensive undergraduate training plan.
  • The postgraduate Bachelor of Journalism program instructs the abilities required for work in multi-stage newsrooms.
  • The Master of Journalism program centers around information and insightful methods. Students here figure out how to precisely decipher information and compose long-structure proof-based highlights as a seasoned journalist and writer.
  • Also, the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction is for yearning genuine essayists searching for a restricted residency personality.

Likewise, the mentorship course helps the students build up their composition and inventive capacities and set up a book proposition with a total original copy before they graduate. The school expects applicants to have a minimum evaluation of B or better, while the single year M.J. degree program requires a degree authentication in journalism experience.


5. Concordia University

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Concordia University offers a two-year degree program and other related programs/degrees in journalism, with advanced news-casting as the point of convergence.

Interestingly, the school recently introduced a graduate degree program in “Digital Innovation in Journalism MA”, which has a robust curriculum that cuts across both the traditional and contemporary journalism frameworks. This graduate program aims to train storytellers, truth seekers, and researchers in journalism to explore the fast-changing digital media landscape.

The school offers her students a ton of chances, admittance to different excellent quality offices, including putting together temporary jobs and different stages for those that progressed admirably.

Jobs as intern journalists are even permitted to be assumed on acknowledgement. The University is somewhat renowned for producing highly prolific graduates in the journalism world.


6. College of Guelph-Humber

Humber’s Bachelor of Journalism degree program assists understudies with building up all of the abilities they will require to give an account of the greatest and most convincing stories locally and around the world.

In a real sense, journalism is ideal for understudies with a longing to illuminate and draw in the general population. Notwithstanding formal abilities like basic reasoning, investigating, and meeting, they will likewise figure out how to employ sound, text, video, and photographs to make convincing stories for a broad scope of automated stages.

Students can easily contemplate both the hypothetical and viable parts of reporting, and they will do it utilizing the most recent industry-standard equipment and programming in Humber’s Newsroom. These understudies can approach and learn from educators with profound and varying journalism experience. You will get the opportunity to seek to get your propensities with journalism classes that will tutor you to cover sports, arts, legislative issues, way of life, and the sky is the limit from there.


The school’s program has been planned with contributions from journalists and media experts, guaranteeing that it gives them the expected capacities to cover a wide assortment of expansive journalism ways.

The school also has a bit of leeway in that their understudies will finish a 14-week work position in the late spring between Years 3 and 4, giving them a chance to acquire insight into their chosen field and meet experts in newscasting and computerized equalities settings. A large portion of the arrangements is offered in the populated Toronto Area, a center for Canada’s media industry.

The work settings and the actual work uphold a proficient turn of events. They will give understudies both the information and abilities needed to enter the calling and the certainty to play out the work required.

The Newsroom present gives better than ever workspace to understudies dealing with singular ventures and teaming up to cover breaking reports. It additionally houses a progression of completely prepared video and sound alter suites. Students here can likewise utilize a Dejero, permitting them to transfer video live from practically any area. The innovation even allows numerous classes to be taken simultaneously.

The newsroom fortifies the program’s automated reporting center; it adds to their students’ specialized capability, keeping them at the forefront of the business.

The Faculty of Media and Creative Arts H.D. T.V. Flexible is a multi-camera T.V. office for far off transmission T.V. creation. The flexible contains all the overwhelming quality transmission T.V. tools found in a conventional T.V. studio, yet can go to an occasion to cover it live.

It is a comprehensive transmission office on wheels, with 6 H.D. broadcast T.V. cameras, creation switchers, sound assistance, camera control, customized recording, non-straight changing, moderate advancement replay, and a 3D sensible generator. It can record an occasion or feed live to a web stream, with satellite or earthbound transmission.

The H.D. Television Mobile offers a “substantiated world” broadcast creation experience for understudies, utilizing “front line” gear found in comparative industry work environments.

Scholars get and practice the specific limits that they will require after graduation. The program puts you on the track to this exciting and smart moving calling.Precisely when you graduate, you will be set up to encounter the experience of elucidating the basic region, public and general news, many equivalents to sports, amusement, and way of life stories with the honour of keeping conscious with the latest with illuminating, convincing stories.


7. University of Western Ontario


Set up a long time prior during the 1890s, the University positions among Canada’s best research schools and ranked well among the world’s best universities.

The school has a robust journalism program that equips the students with the technical skills and knowledge needed to excel in their careers.

Many international students affirm the experience of learning together and partaking in assessment away from home. They always explore different projects and participate in tens of exercises, which help them acquire relevant skills and sharpen their perspectives.


8. Centennial College

In the Centennial College’s three-year Journalism program, students are trained to develop the capacities and conviction to win in a buzzing industry.

At Centennial College, you are assured of becoming a professional journalist within few years and acquire the skills that will make you a master in this noble profession. In this significant level acknowledgement program, you will:

  • Hone the fundamental capacities you need to create a foundation for your business as an author or newscaster.
  • Develop blended-media capacity in describing with words, data, pictures, and video.
  • Expand your horizon with adaptable news-projecting, online media, podcasting, and video strategies.
  • Apply your capacities in any newsroom, dispersing your substance to respect the triumphant neighbourhood site.

As an essayist, you’ll be obligated to uncover events, converse with newsmakers, and investigating the vast and captivating issues of every event. You’ll experience one-on-one meetings with representatives who are modern and sound scholars with credits across Canada’s significant news sources.

Scholars likewise have two opportunities to work in different jobs before graduation – through their inventive Story works course and a full-semester field game plan, acquire genuine experience working from home, comparatively as the specialists in the business are doing.


9. Thomas University

The birth of this institution traces back to the establishment of St. Thomas College, which kept a secondary school and junior school status until 1934. In any case, on March 9, 1934, the familiar counsel conceded this professional education granting authority and college status.

The school was then renamed St. Thomas University in the year 1960. By and by, this college has affiliations with a few legitimate public and worldwide associations, for example, the Canadian Federation for the Humanities, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and Council of International Schools. This college offers four-year certifications and endorsement courses in different orders, including expressions and social work.

The college’s grounds have six educational structures, which are outfitted with understudy agreeable conveniences. The college additionally offers a close-to-home facility. Consistently, it invites around 500 understudies as occupants. Planned understudies who are keen on going to this college can book a ground visit on the web. The college’s wellness focus advances a rational way of life and, generally speaking, prosperity in the understudies. Understudies can likewise profit from the advantages of other most recent innovative conveniences offered on the grounds.

St. Thomas University offers diverse academic help administrations to its understudies to help them out with their schooling. Understudies can profit from the Writing Center’s advantages when they need direction on composing undertakings, papers, and theory. Moreover, the Peer Tutoring Services permit understudies to get two hours of free coaching each week, making it easier to learn and comprehend ideas that seemed difficult. This college offers a few grants to give monetary help to its understudies. Every financial aid has its qualification rules and a cutoff set by the college.

St. Thomas University has created numerous striking graduated classes that are currently spearheading in their separate fields. This college has an authority Magazine, which highlights renowned graduated class and their accounts. A portion of the notable figures that are alumni of the college includes; Judge Lewis C. Ayles, Writer Harry Forestell, writer and artist, Sheree Fitch, and entertainer Lyman Ward. The college attempts to keep a stable and growing relationship with its graduated class, a venture that has been a strong fortitude.


10. Dalhousie University

The Dalhousie university is almost similar to the University of King’s college in that they both offer Master of Fine Arts in creative non-fiction to their students. They are also similar because they are mainly for students with an idea for a book or aspiring authors.

The school’s journalism program helps guide the students in turning their various ideas into finished products. They accomplish this by combining short, intense on-campus classes with one-on-one mentorship programs run by professional non-fiction writers and professors. The education process also includes lectures, seminars, panels, and workshops to make the students more familiar with writing creative none fiction.



The institutions listed above have all been graded based on their performance, prominence, facilities available for use, the education program they run, and the end product of their education – the famous journalists they have out there. All these factors are significant and worthy of consideration while pursuing journalism in the beautiful North-American country.