Top Party Schools In Canada 2023

Are you filling your university applications and getting confused about which school to pick? Perhaps, you want a school where your Jack won’t become a dull boy – that is, you want a school with a blend of academic excellence and fascinating social lifestyles. If I could guess well, you want to party, dance, meet new friends and still excel academically. Then, look no further! This article will help you out.

Canada houses various schools, but one variety offers students an opportunity to work hard and play hard. This variety is made up of schools known for the best party-life in Canada. Most students in these schools have found a way to balance their academics with their social lifestyles, not to hurt their academics. To help students make the right selection when picking a party school, a group of top partiers made this list. The members of the group agreed to curate the list based on some factors. These factors include;

  • Residence Partying
  • Scene at bars
  • Greek Life
  • Events hosted by the school
  • Street parties.

After settling on these factors, they set out to survey 60 schools in the country. Through social media, they inspected the media files, videos and pictures of each school. However, this was not enough to confidently conclude the ranking of the top party schools in Canada. Therefore, the group sets out to find word-of-mouth from real people who went to or live around these schools – to get authentic information about the school’s activities.

This year’s ranking of schools was somewhat tricky due to the pandemic that began last year. Nevertheless, we did it – ranking is now a norm. Different schools made the list this year, and we believe that releasing the top 15 party schools in Canada will cause the rest to buckle their shoes and improve their social lifestyles and activities. You can put it this way – we show them schools that are worthy of emulating. Are you eager to know the top 15 party schools based in Canada? Your wait has ended. Below are the schools, and it is important to reiterate that they all meet the criteria listed above.


1. Wilfrid Laurier University

This school’s unique ability is its students’ ability to unite effectively among themselves and other institutions.  The small size of WLU makes it almost impossible for a student not to know “what is happening,”“where it is happening,” and “when it is happening.” Another upside is its proximity to two other party schools – the University of Waterloo and Conestoga College. The advantage of this proximity is that the student areas (Ezra, Bricker, and Albert) are always awash with activities – there is always a party going on around here. The three schools also collaborate occasionally to give the biggest parties you can imagine. St Paddy’s day and HOCO parties on Ezra Avenue are always massive. In 2019, over 25,000 people attended St Paddy’s celebration – an enormous record! Isn’t it?

If there was an award for the best homecoming event in Canada, WLU would surely bag that award. At a WLU school party, there are always enough drinks and party favours to go around. WLU has five of the coolest bars a Canadian school can have – Brixton, Pub on King, Chainsaw, Dallas, and Phils. Each bar has its unique feature. For Example, Brixton is for classy events, and Chainsaw is for country music and cheap drinks. One thing is sure – drinks are unlimited. With 8 fraternities and 4 sororities, the Greek life at WLU is topnotch.


2. Western University

After several years of leading the Canadian schools’ party scene, the acclaimed UWO has dropped in rank. Just a quick search on YouTube will show you just how unique UWO events are. The frosh event is like the school’s week. In recent times, famous artists have visited the school on Purple Fest night (the major event in the week) –  To mention a few names Lil Uzi Vert, Juice Wrld, Tyga, Luxury, A Boogie wit da Hoodie have all featured on a purple fest night. The Purple Fest event is one night that attracts students from all over Canada – no one wants to miss a Frosh week.

The school also have a term called FOCO. FOCO typically stands for “fake homecoming”. This homecoming is always held in Western University during the fall semester from the last week of September to the third week of October. This is the period when students are busy with assignments and midterms. The FOCO and Frosh events are the highlights of the year in UWO.

Asides from Frosh Week, the school has the HOCO events that usually have thousands of Canadians in attendance. There is also a street party that the school is known for – FOCO street party. In 2019, a record number of over 25,000 people attended this street party. The main venue for most events in UWO is Broughdale Avenue. Another busy and famous street in London that UWO also dominates is Richmond Row. It houses the best bars in the area like Belfort and Jacks. During school events, this street is always lively. Greek life in Western is above average. It has 6 sororities and 13 fraternities. Despite being 2nd on this list, the school’s academic excellence is premium.


3. Queen’s University

In Queen’s University, everyone parties but not everyone parties hard. Aberdeen Street is always agog with festivities whenever the school hosts their HOCO and St Paddy’s event celebrations. This feat alone is enough to certify them top 3 party schools in Canada. No school hosts its HOCO and St Paddy’s event better than Queen’s university. Two awesome bars in Queen’s provide the best drinks for students. They are Stage house and Alehouse. Both bars will make your night.

The downside to going to Queen’s University is that they have no Greek life. It got banned in 1933 due to a motion moved by the Alma Mater Society (AMS). However, some students affiliate with non-official sororities and off-campus fraternities.


4. Bishop’s University

Bishop’s University holds the title of the best party school in Quebec. Regardless of its tiny population, the school hosts one of the best HOCO and St Paddy’s celebrations on Reed Street in Canada. Other festivities included in this school’s party portfolio are the backyard party, the Winterfest street party and the massive HOCO backyard party. During Winterfest events, competitions are held in various sports. Skateboarding and Ski riding are the most common of them as students are encouraged to showcase their skills. This event is hosted by the Student Representative Councils (SRC) almost every session, and it most times turns out to be a big Frost Apres Ski party.

Notable bars around Bishop’s University include Golden Lion Pub and the Gait bar. These bars are some of the best Quebec has. It is also noteworthy to state that students above the legal age (18 years) can drink in Quebec. This alone bolsters the party’s reputations, and students are assured of fun parties that rock. If the current trend in Bishop’s university continues, it will be the best party school in Canada in no time or at least in the Top 5.

5. McMaster University

McMaster is a social hub. Its students dominate the city of Ontario, and the university’s campus, Hess village,is known for its social activities – students wine and dine every other week. At this prestigious school, the student union, clubs, and faculties all host various events and parties that suit different students. The school certainly has a fun atmosphere.

The Hess village is known for its cool spots. Some of which include Club 77, Gown and Gavel, and Dirty Dog saloon. Are you wondering about their HOCO celebration? It is bubbling and interesting! Drinks are always available at parties that take place on Dalewood Avenue. This University is highly renowned, and it has 4 sororities and 5 fraternities, which makes it ideal for anybody who likes enjoyment.


6. University of British Columbia

UBC has an impressive Greek life. It has various amazing sororities and fraternities. Its west coast location makes the citadel of learning more prominent – its water sports club, UBC Ski and board, and UBC surf club throw the best parties. There’s always something fun to do every night and on weekends. So many friends to make due to the school’s proximity to California residential areas. The population of students in this school contributes to the impressive nature of the Greek life units. There are many people to meet and a lot of clubs and bars to attend. A few of these spots include Aura, Sound Club, and Twelve west.


7. Carleton University

In recent years, Carleton University has been featuring on the list of the top 20 party schools in Canada.  The school has fantastic bars for legal students to feel classy. Freshman bars are located in Ontario, examples being Greasy Cat, Mardi has, and Le pub – bars don’t attend to them on campus due to their ages. Other bars include Barwise and Crown.


Located in Ottawa, Carleton is known for its unique game – referred to as Panda Game. This fame includes some activities, one of which is Canal Woods Drive. The canal woods drive is often marked as a form of a street party. Another activity is the football competition against the University of Ottawa – Both universities have been rivals for a long time.

The University also hosts an interesting St Paddy’s day event, and their celebration could rival the best ones. Aberdeen Street is the hub for social events in Carleton, and students rarely miss any of these well-hyped celebrations. Their Greek life system is outstanding. The school has 7 sororities and 8 fraternities. After all these, do you not believe Carleton University is worth being in the top 10 best party schools? The students also put in the effort to balance these events with their academics significantly.


8. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is situated along the East Coast. Are you eager to know why it is unique? Why do you think it’s placed at number 8 on this list? The university has a strong reputation for having a small Greek life that stands out. It has one sorority and 6 fraternities. The first two months of the year have the most parties. In Howe (a hostel in Dalhousie), the party atmosphere is always evident. HOCO and Munro days in February are the biggest party days in this prestigious university.

The school area has great bars around – The Pacifico and the Lower Deck are some of the bars. Jennie’s street is always awash with activities every February – this is when their HOCO celebrations take place. You can now see that Dalhousie is indeed the best party school on the East Coast.


9. Brock University

If you are looking for a school that holds St Paddy’s day in high esteem as much as the USA rates July 4th celebration, then we’re happy to inform you that Brock University is that school. The days before and after St Paddy’s day are flush with parties. Brock University is for you if you’re looking to party very hard in your undergraduate years. Ellen once featured a St Paddy’s celebration that was held at Jacobson Avenue – the school plans proper parties for this event. Student’s housing hosts varieties of parties.

Some freshmen even make the mistake of not balancing their academics with their social life due to many distractions in the form of parties. Several competitions were held during HOCO week, especially tailgate games and hockey games. Hockey games are usually the most attended – a steel blade hockey game. The villages around the school campus have bars that attend to first-year students, but they cannot go to clubs yet due to their age. There are impressive bars in the school also — L3 and 12 Mile lounge, to mention a few.


10. St. Francis Xavier University

St. Francis Xavier University is located in small town Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Students spend an average of 3hours per week partying. The students of this school work hard as much as they play hard. This school is also one of the Canadian universities that do not joke around with homecoming and St Paddy’s day. Freshman parties are hosted every other week in Mac Isaac Hall(the freshman residence). These parties entertain underage first-year student still they are old enough to go for bar and club parties.

Drinks are unlimited as there is always a party somewhere around the school – bars are also not far from the school’s vicinity. Do you think there are street parties held in FX? Of course, there are. These huge street parties are hosted at “The Village”. There are bars for weekdays and weekends – the best bar scenes in a Canadian university could be found here atSt. Francis Xavier University.


11. University of Guelph

Though not as rowdy as the other top party schools, the University Of Guelph is filled with tons of fun. Their places of residence host parties regularly. UofG often collaborates with other universities in hosting street parties. Ezra Ave in the city of Zion is one of their go-to venues for hosting these parties. Why do you think the school is on this list? Well, it is due to their massive publicity when they host St Patrick’s Day and HOCO.

A game centre is always used to hold competitions in different sports for homecoming. Some of which are Hockey, tailgate and Frosty Mug. Free food and booze are always available at their parties. Their bars and clubs are decent and fun. You could find bars like western and frank and clubs like Palace and Onyxat Guelph. The students are experts in giving their school a lively party atmosphere.


12. University of Toronto

In an online survey, we got to know that UofT students spend just an average of two hours a week partying. The little partying they engage in is all because of the large number of fraternities and sororities available. Yes, UofT is known to be the Canadian University with the largest and most active Greek life- Combined,there are over 30 units. The school has 20 fraternities and over 10 sororities. The ZetaPsi fraternity hosts parties every month, which is why it appeals to most students. This fraternity helps students a lot and is known across the state of Toronto.

If having a great Greek life in university is one of your goals, do not hesitate to pick UofT. Its idealism is due to its proximity to downtown. The Maddy, Lovechild, Toybox and Rebel are a few of the motion spots on campus. At the University of Toronto, you get to gain the experience of being a proud sorority member. If you find yourself in the Zeta Psi fraternity, you get to experience the meaning of productive leadership and brotherhood.


13. McGill University

This University has a wonderful Greek life- with up to 17 fraternities and sororities. McGill has topnotch bars that are known around Montreal. The school is unique because freshmen are permitted to drink once they’re above the legal age (18years). November – January is always the busiest time of the session because many events are held then. Some of the bars are Suwu, Tokyo and Apartment 200.


14. University of Ottawa

We are almost at the end of this list. Are you surprised to see the University of Ottawa on this list? Don’t be!  This University and the University of Carleton are located in the capital city of Canada. Often, they collaborate to give elaborate parties like Homecoming events. There are tons of pubs and bars around this university, which include Whiskey and pub 101. After every panda game, the university hosts parties to network and also have a lot of fun. The capital city accounts for most of the funs that the students of Ottawa enjoy. The university clubs have showrooms. Their bars are denoted by Blue Cactus.


15. Acadia University

One unique aspect of this university is that Anvil and the Azeare strictly occupied by students alone. The Acadia university also has a hockey competition called Cheaton Cup Hockey Game. Despite the campus’s small size, its students manage to infuse in it a vibrant party atmosphere. Bars are sometimes restricted due to overcrowding, but this does not reduce the rate at which students have fun at this learning citadel.