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Top Universities in Ontario offering Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical science studies theoretical aspects of medicine while it puts natural and biological science concepts into place as well. While many schools are offering this course, this article has been put together to help you know the top medical schools in Ontario as well as the best medical science programs in Ontario. Do you aspire to acquire knowledge in the field of medical sciences (and in Ontario)? Then, this article is for you.

Students of biomedical sciences gather knowledge from a good number of related disciplines like zoology, biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, pathology, physiology, chemistry, botany, and biology. Subsequently, a lot of benefits come with being a biomedical science graduate, which include being IT literate, possession of analytical and practical skills, numerical skills, knowing how to use different software for special analyses, ability to use statistical and mathematical means for research.

By studying in any of these top 10 medical colleges in Ontario, graduates would be exposed to job opportunities in the areas, which perfectly interact with health and medicine and engineering-based fields that solve medical and biological problems. Kindly read this article to know the list of the best 10 medical and biomedical schools in Canada and decide on the one that is best for you.


1. University of Toronto

Coming first on the list of top medical schools in Ontario is the University of Toronto. Aside from being a great pinnacle of academic excellence, U of T also offers the best medical science programs in Ontario.

The faculty of science programs in Biomedical Science at U of T allows students to explore many available options. Being a top medical school in Ontario, the institution makes it a priority to give students a solid background in psychology and health sciences as well as anatomy in their first two years. This will also be an addition to basic sciences like chemistry and biology.

After the second year in this top medical school, students can now decide to choose an option that focuses on core areas of health sciences like Cellular and Molecular Medicine or Neurosciences. However, they can also choose to have a combination of other courses in biochemistry and biology alongside a variety of optional courses in humanities. It is also important to note that U of T was ranked the best university in Canada according to Maclean’s university survey.

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2. Ryerson University

One of the best universities in Canada and also a top medical school in Ontario making this list of top 10 medical schools in Ontario is Ryerson University. The amazing thing about the biomedical science program in this university is that the undergraduate program is made to follow a curriculum. This curriculum provides detailed learning opportunities in areas of innovation and biomedical technology to students. The curriculum is made available below:

  • The first year of the program consists of science courses in physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry. Also, the first year is designed to give all biomedical science students a well-rooted foundational understanding of science.
  • The second year of the program is made up of microbiology, cell biology, biomedical science, and biochemistry courses will is expected to provide students with a foundational understanding in areas like biomedical sciences, which is necessary for the development of expertise and specialization in the third and fourth year.
  • The third-year is when students start developing detailed knowledge by applying some of the acquired knowledge in biomedical sciences.
  • Fourth-year being the last year on campus is when students take specialized courses based on their preferences in the field of biomedical sciences. They can as well choose more than one area of disciplinary knowledge.

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3. York University

As the century’s healthcare and medicine continually become sophisticated, the demand for more skilled professionals with biomedical science background is increased as well. In response to that, York University makes available some of the best undergraduate medical courses in Canada for international students.

Offering some of the best medical science programs in Ontario, York University also teaches these programs via the leading researchers in the medical field. One of them is Samuel Benchimol, who is a Canadian Research Chair in Biomedical Health Research. This four-year program at one of the best medical schools in the world is designed to help students:

  • Know, understand, and explain the core structures and fundamental processes of life at the cellular, molecular, and population levels.
  • Properly apply scientific methods to experimental design and problem solving.
  • Organize, collect, analyze, present, and interpret qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Describe and identity present challenges and issues in the field of biomedical science.
  • Apply and demonstrate fundamental biological laboratory skills and techniques.
  • Effectively communicate in oral and written forms

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4. Carleton University

The Biomedical Sciences (also called Health Sciences) program at Carleton University is an outstanding interdisciplinary program that is designed to give students the required skills and knowledge to make up for success at professional schools as well as in their career path.

As a reputable top medical school in Ontario, the university provides a series of interactive hands-on approach, which does not exclude workshops, laboratories, and seminars right from the first year. In the fourth year, students usually have placements and projects, which help to advance their professional and personal goals. Also, students can utilize the merit of the co-curricular volunteer program, the unique summer research internships, and international alternative break opportunities to their benefit.

Carleton University imparts students via the following program structure:

  • Principles of Health
  • Fundamentals of Health
  • Health Science Communication
  • Molecular and Cellular Pathology
  • Health Research Methods and Skills

The biomedical science program at Carleton University is designed to help students:

  • Develop a wide view of health through the establishment of cultural, technological, psychological, and environmental understanding of health and diseases.
  • Acquire strong foundational understanding in biomedical sciences which does not exclude biochemistry, genetics, physiology, immunology, and anatomy.

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5. Lakehead University

Another university coming in the league of top universities offering the best medical science programs in Ontario is Lakehead University. The interdisciplinary program at this institution primarily aims on teaching students how to relate perfectly to living organisms with hands-on learning via research opportunities, laboratory courses, and internships.


In the course of study at this top medical school in Ontario, students will acquire relevant skills in cutting-edge biotechnology, molecular biology, and diagnostic methods in the university’s world-renowned labs, which would include the Paleo DNA Laboratory.

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6. Trent University

Trent University is another university offering great undergraduate medical courses in Canada for international students. Coming in the league of top 10 medical schools in Ontario, its biomedical science program remains one of a kind as it gives students a viable opportunity to step ahead in health research and future medical career while they work with a top professor in world-renowned facilities and laboratories.

As an undergraduate of biomedical sciences at Trent University, you will be able to:

  • Have real-life career experience via medical science internship and health science placement (one thing no other university in Ontario offers for a four-year Biomedical Science degree)
  • Benefit from theoretical and practical study opportunities
  • Work with top professors in laboratories and research settings
  • Connect with a mentor who is a professional in the field of biomedical sciences
  • Complete a final year honors research thesis while you analyze and assess real-world health issues.

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7. University of Guelph

Among the top medical schools in Ontario, the University of Guelph offers an outstanding biomedical science program. The program spans diverse disciplines, which include cancer biology, biomechanics, neuroscience, endocrinology, reproductive biotechnology, pharmacology and toxicology, stem cell and regenerative biology, and cardiovascular biology.

The program helps student conduct, plan and analyze their research project while also applying the knowledge and skills gained via this major to professional studies, postgraduate programs as well as a career in health sciences. To make this possible, the study curriculum at the university evolves around:

  • Neuroscience
  • Biomedical Toxicology & Pharmacology
  • Cellular & Molecular Basis of Disease
  • Cardiovascular Health & Disease
  • Reproductive Biology & Development

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8. Queen’s University

Queen’s University is yet another top medical school in Ontario. The biomedical science program at this institution helps students to explore all science courses related to medicine and, particularly, the specialist field of diagnostic Biomedical Sciences, which is practiced in Health Service Laboratories.

With one of the best medical science programs in Ontario, Queen’s aims at giving students who aspire for a career in biomedical sciences quality education. A degree from this institution also provides students with broad knowledge in medicine and medical-related subjects like science writing and medical sales. This is a good option for anyone willing to take up a career in medicine.

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9. University of Waterloo

One of the best medical schools in the world where students can study biomedical science and is the University of Waterloo. The institution helps students study animal and human systems as well as their functions related to disease, health, and the healing process. Students can as well diversify their knowledge by learning about bacteria, viruses, microbes, and how these and other environmental and genetic influences can affect health.

In the first year, students will be made to study foundational courses in chemistry, mathematics, and physics which prepares you to meet up with the admission requirements of many health-related professional schools. After the first year, students will have to focus on human biology alongside courses in histology, anatomy, microbiology, physiology, and biochemistry. They can as well add other courses from sciences and other related disciplines.

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10. University of Windsor

Coming last on the list of top 10 medical schools in Ontario is the University of Windsor. At the University of Windsor, undergraduate medical courses in Canada for international students are offered in diverse kinds; one of which is biomedical sciences. This study comes in two forms at the institution, which are Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) and Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences (Health Stream).

Interestingly, both courses help students to explore human biological systems at the molecular and cellular levels. The studies also involve that of humans as well as an investigation into therapeutics and diagnostics.

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