Traveling tips for International Students

Migration has been the major force civilization and education is built on. Students travel from one country to another to access qualitative education. Moving away from your home country to study abroad can be very overwhelming. It opens you up to new people, new language, culture, classes, experiences and friends. Making a little research before you travel will help put your mind at rest and equip you for the experience you are about to be opened up to. We have prepared some tips you should consider before and during your study trip to Canada or any other Countries.

Use your School Resources

The foremost approach to having a stress-free and successful stay in the country is to consult your host school web services resources for International/ Foreign students. The School’s website will contain online resources that will give you information about accommodation, transportation, health and safety, costs of living, currency and the culture of the Country. Familiarize yourself with these enormous resources and build up the structure for your new life. You can also seek advice from the student counsellor and if you came through a Scholarship board, you can make the essential enquires on the new condo you have found yourself. Most Schools also provides orientation activities and awareness symposium for new students. This will prepare you for your new journey to Canada or any other host country.

Societal Interactions

Get into interactions with both local and international students you meet in the school. Ask questions ranging from the cultural etiquette, weather calibration and requirements, festivities, social demeanours, resources that you have access to, rule of government, regulations and rule of law, religion, racism and other questions that hit your curiosity. Build friendship with students so as to learn the society much better. Make friends from other countries. This will help you learn the language and culture of your host country much faster as a team. For example, if you are in Canada, whether you are in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton or Montreal, you will need to be familiar with the distinct cultural pattern of each city you find yourself. Canadians stick to time appointments and do not allow coming late to a meeting. Learn this attribute and avoid falling victim of late coming. Keep to time so as to uphold your reputation in your new community.

Open a Bank account


Since you will be around in your new School for a while, your most important necessity is to get a bank account for your financial transactions and savings. Get a bank that is closer to you and that is easily accessible and get to it. Make inquiries on a student bank account with lower service fees and lesser bank charges. After which you can get a bank credit card for the purpose of building your credit score. Banks will most likely need your International passport, Student Identity card and your School or home address before they can proceed in opening an account for you.

Get Settled

Get clothing that fit into the weather and the society ordinances of your host country. Start attending classes and get acquainted with the school structures, classrooms, class schedules and scheme of activities. Taste different food delicacies and select the ones you are satisfied with. Build confidence in your new environment and learn to trust people around you. All of these will make you feel at home in your new environment. Constantly speak to the School officer about any new development you are not in tune with. Accept your new community as your own and work towards her development.

Go on Some Expeditions

A lot of International students explore their new country during summer breaks and semester breaks to access the enormous possibilities their host country possess. It is a good idea to consider travelling but always travel with a guide. Attend symposiums, reviews, cinemas, events as much as you are opportune to. For example, if you are in Ontario Canada, you can visit tourist attractions like CN Tower, Horse shoe falls, Niagara falls. You can also visit Museums, recreational places, fun zones and make site seeing to popular locations.


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