Ways You Could Earn As A Student During The Covid-19 Holidays

While everybody seem to be indoor during this Covid-19 epidemic period, measures have been put into place by government of countries to see that its citizens are well taken care of.

Things may have gone topsy-turvy for some business owners who may have had to be indoors. But definitely not for the ones running their business online. And this is why as a student, you too can join in this period of lockdown to make money.

How does it feel knowing you have something going for you while you are studying? How does it feel knowing things will fall in place financially even before you out of college? And these feelings are borne when you are making money as a student.

Let’s look at some ways you could earn as a student during this Covid-19 holiday.


1. Write An Ebook And Publish On Amazon


For the record, there must be something you know how to do. You could know a lot of recipe, you could know one or two things about gardening or hunting. There’s definitely something you know how to do. And there are people in need of this knowledge of yours. A 3000 words each day would give you 30000 words in ten days, which you could publish on Amazon and make money.


2. It’s Time To Show The World What You Can Do


Everybody is indoor. Now is the right time to show the world you’re a great dancer, a great cook, or a great guitarist. You could start a YouTube channel and document these things. The greatest thing about this is that you can make money through doing what you know how to do. Imagine having thousands and millions of views showing the world how to design or how to paint? That’s pretty lot of money.


3. Network Marketing So Easy This Time

How about signing up to a network marketing platform and then introducing it to your fellow students? It’s much more easy this time talking about it to people around you. It’s easy to convince a person of how to make money while not really working during this lockdown period. Maybe you’ve been introduced to one before. Consider signing up now, and build a network of wealth for yourself.


4 .Hold Tutorials Online

Definitely as a student, you may have one or two courses you know pretty well. Now is the time to put your knowledge into good use and get rewarded. You could volunteer to hold tutorials online among your class group and all it takes is a little commitment fee from those interested. How convenient it would be learning, earning, bonding and catching fun with students from around the world.

So, there it is.

Ensure to make the most of your time during this period.