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Acadia University, situated in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and founded in 1838, is a public tertiary institution that offers, predominantly, undergraduate courses and has not failed in delivering high-quality education to its students.

Acadia University offers majorly undergraduate studies to students from various regions in Canada and beyond. The institution offers more than 200 degrees in the faculties of pure and applied sciences, Arts, Theology, and Professional Studies. Besides, the university has a separate division of research and graduate studies, which oversees the well-being of the postgraduate students as well as the efficacy of the research programs at the Acadia University.

Also, more than 75% of the students at Acadia University are community volunteers and thus, have the teamwork spirit, leadership skills, and problem-solving capacities needed in solving real-world problems. With its small classes, the students can directly interact with professors and have their hands laid on researches.

Moreover, the students of the institution actively participate in different sport competitions and have bagged the highest number of conferences and national championships more than any other Canadian University in Atlanta. According to the 2020 Maclean's Guide to Canadian Universities, the Acadia University was ranked 4th and 29th position in terms of the “primarily undergraduate” Canadian university category and overall national reputation respectively.

The university boasts of more than 15 research centers – including the prestigious Tidal Energy Institute, Beaubassin Field Station, and the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics, and six research chairs. Acadia University is a strong pillar in research programs like data mining, ethnocultural diversity, coastal environment, environmental monitoring and climate change.

Nova Scotia Students$7,650.00$7,600.00
Local Students$8,933.00$8,883.00
International Students$17,884.00$18,058.00

Higher institutions generally charge extra fees for other services they provide such as health plans, housing, sports e.t.c. Please contact the appropriate Acadia University's office for more details.

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