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Brescia University College is a well renowned public liberal arts institution established in 1919 and located in London, Ontario, Canada. The institution operates in affiliation with the University of Western Ontario as a women’s College. Brescia remains the only women’s university college across the whole of Canada. In the safe and weather-friendly atmosphere and small campus, Brescia University College offers all the facilities you might require from a large university campus.

Following the university’s establishment in 1919, Brescia continually admits international students from all religions and nationalities across the globe. While giving students the opportunity of studying on the university campus, the university also provides women with a wide range of academic programs across four schools, namely: Food and Nutritional Sciences, Humanities, Leadership, and Social Change and Behavioral and Social Sciences. Most of the programs available across these four schools are mainly for undergraduate levels. Postgraduate students might need to look through the university website to confirm the courses available at graduate levels.

Moreover, the university does not only build women with good academic standings but also with great leadership traits. Brescia made this possible through different leadership and professional development programs that it makes available to its students to build, develop, and empower them with the skills and knowledge needed to be a good leader in any sector of life. Besides, the College engages in different community development and volunteering programs and use it as a platform to make each of its students to have hands-on experiences in leadership and project management.

There is also a functional and groundbreaking research practice at the Brescia University College, which requires the engagement of faculty members and students across all disciplines. The faculty also provides students with great working opportunities to inspire and assist them through their research work.


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