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Cape Breton University (CBU), formerly called “Xavier Junior College” as at 1951, and then “University College of Cape Breton” in 1982, is a university located near Sydney in Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia. Until now, it is the only degree-awarding tertiary institution in Cape Breton Island. The University has full accreditation as evidenced by the Cape Breton University Act passed by the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

Over the years, CBU is known for its fantastic quality of education, innovative technology, leadership establishment and its immense contribution to the sustainability and economic stability of Cape Breton Municipality, including educating the people of Cape Breton about indigenous leadership dexterity.

The courses offered by Cape Breton cuts across faculties such as science, arts, business, and health. Committed to its mission in delivering world-class education to students, Cape Breton University offers students the privilege to experience "one of a kind" practical learning and experimental procedures while also providing research options to students.

Cape Breton University programs have rankings that are well above average in terms of the student-teacher relationship and support services.

Moreover, the institution has a gigantic library that is situated close to the University's Campus Center. Excluding the major collections of the library, the library also has dozens of special collections.

With the hundreds of scholarships that are available to students from different countries for diverse programs, studying at Cape Breton University will be a smooth sail.


Will you likely pay off your student debt within a year after you graduate?

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    Votes: 5 20.0%
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