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One dynamic institute worthy of consideration when referring to intensive research is Dalhousie University. The Pan-Atlantic leading Canadian university is a notable inspiration for social, economic, and intellectual development set within the region. Situated right at the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with an Agricultural Campus extension in Truro, Dalhousie is truly a complete image of world-class universities. Integrally, the university is home to over 19,000 out-province students and houses another 22 percent international students from the available cut remaining.

With over 6,000 vibrant faculty and staff, this university is entirely purpose-driven to enable students commit to becoming better. With over 200 years of academic excellence, it is not much of a surprise to see that 91 Rhodes Scholars rank among the list of Dal's alumni.

Dalhousie is a multinational administrator in conducting extensive researches, both in thesis and practical. Presently, Dal is the abode for many research centers such as the MacEachen Institute for Public Policy and Governance, Canada Research Chairs, the Brain Repair Centre, as well as Canada's only university for Big Data Analytics.

The faculty and students of this great institution are open to learning discovery across 13 faculties, both in the classroom and in the open field. In a bid to strengthen its connection with the outside world and in diverse career fields, Dal spends nothing less than $156 million annually for conducting researches in/with government, non-profit organizations, industries, hospitals, as well as with other institutions, albeit, globally.

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