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NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design) is an art and design institution located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Founded in 1887, NSCAD has evolved as one of the best Canadian schools for arts and design. NSCAD has three campuses – the Fountain Campus, the Academy building located at the foot of the citadel hill, and the Port Campus.

The school offers three undergraduate programs - Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Fine Arts with other majors and minors such as media arts, textiles and fashion, animation, metal smithing, and jewellery design; and three post-baccalaureate programs in Design, Visual Arts, and Graduate programs.

NSCAD understands the power of visuals – the soothing atmosphere it creates, its history re-branding capacity, the perfect ways it passes messages across to thousands of people, and the way it triggers the cognitive thinking of the viewers. The institution boasts of equipping students with the skills needed in expressing ideas, airing their views, and solving real-world problems through pictures, designs, animations, videos, sculptures, and paintings.

Home to three Canada Research Chairs, the NSCAD academics have turned up trumps in research areas such as sustainability and adaptability, cultural and visual literacies, and exploration of materials. It has also transformed the arts and culture sector of Canada through the its studio-based model of education, students engage in experiential learning and researches. The NSCAD students collaborate through practicums, internships, and exchange programs, which are available in 70 partnering institutions that cut across more than 14 countries.

With the Anna Leonowen’s Gallery and the newly refurbished NSCAD Lithography Workshop, you have the opportunity to participate in extensive practical classes and, in no time, join the leagues of highly reputable artists, curators, and designers, which the university has been producing steadily.


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