Saint Mary’s University

University Saint Mary’s University


Situated in the heart of Halifax, Saint Mary’s University is well known for its excellent academics, researches, inventions, as well as beautiful buildings, refreshing ocean air, and eye-catchy green spaces. Over the years, the institution has maintained good ties with the international communities, thereby having international students from about 115 countries.

Besides, Saint Mary’s University has set up strategic collaboration with more than 40 institutions in about 25 countries. Following this partnership with other countries, the university has made available some good students’ exchange programs and opportunities in countries like Gambia, China as well as Ireland while also having several mobility awards that help in funding the exchanges.

Although the university has a small campus, it, however, displays some beautiful works of architecture as the university has some well-designed skyscrapers and buildings for their faculties and departments. Social life is not an issue in the school environment, as there are many restaurants, perfectly animated nightlife for students’ pleasure and the sporting facilities are overwhelmingly impressive.

While promoting good learning spirit, there is a network of tunnels and overpasses that take students to their classes and back without having to step their foot outside. This tunnel becomes very useful in winter months.

Nationally recognized for leading academic programs, the university offers these best courses from the faculties of Science, Art, Graduate Studies and Research, and Sobey School of Business.

Undoubtedly, Saint Mary’s University is a perfect hub of academic excellence, innovations, and networks of intellectuals from all over the world, with a serene and conducive environment.


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