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Canada is home to a lot of old and prestigious universities that have stood the test of time to be successful. One of those academic institutions is the St. Francis Xavier University (StFX). The university was founded in 1853 as Arichat College, changed its name to St. Francis Xavier College in 1855, and was given university status in 1856.

Aside from the academic excellence that StFX is renowned for, the institution stands tall amongst the few institutions that prepare her scholars for after-school success and personal human development. To them, true success is not satisfied until educational achievement is balanced with real-life dealings.

Situated at Antigonish, Nova Scotia, St. Francis Xavier University is home to as much as 5,000 students undertaking different courses across diverse fields. Here, the students are at liberty to learn in a dynamic environment with up-to-date materials to enable astute research and practice to ensure positive results. With hundreds of ingenious students coming together to impact the system, StFX is the complete characterization of what a national university should be.

Moreover, St. Francis Xavier University is a renowned partner of Maple League - a group that recognizes high-ranking universities for undergraduate studies. StFX stands for social justice and excellent values directed toward development.

In the area of research, St. Francis Xavier University implements essence comforts to make sure that students have the optimal experience. The institution ensures that expert faculties or academics in the fields of Science, Arts, Education, and Business tutor the undergraduate students. Thus, making the students of StFX have a leading-edge at any research. Furthermore, StFX is home for the McKenna Centre for Leadership, Coady International Institute, as well as the newly inaugurated Mulroney Institute of Government. Generally, StFX students serve as an inspiration to others with a sense of leadership always - a virtue, which they get to learn from the university during and after passing out.

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