Université de Moncton

University Université de Moncton


The University of Moncton is a francophone university that was established on June 19, 1963. The Institution, located in New Brunswick, Canada, remains the biggest and only French-Language University outside Quebec.

The University has three campuses - Universitaire de Moncton [Main Campus], Universitaire de Edmundston, and Universitaire de Shippgan. The University has its core values of unity, hard-work, mental, and societal values embedded in their students.

The Moncton University runs eight broad faculties like Administration, Arts and social sciences, Education, Engineering [Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical], Graduate Studies, Health Sciences, and community services and Law. It is ranked 42nd in Canada, year 2020.

In terms of diversification of its students' bodies, the institution has exponentially increased its acceptance rate for international students and have been experiencing a massive annual growth of 14% in term of its international students since 2005. In 2019, more than 700 international students joined the University of Moncton.

The University also boasts of a well-resourced and fully stocked six libraries. Université de Moncton has an attractive environment, which incorporates the Halls of residence that are affordable to both its domestic and international students.

Other facilities such as the standard basketball court and the football pitch are some of the side attractions available to students who engage in sporting activities.

Furthermore, Universitaire d'Moncton is a lover of sports as they have an established male and female hockey, athletics, soccer, and volleyball team, respectively.

It is fair to say that the University of Moncton is a Haven for its students and its admission process is simple and affordable.


Will you likely pay off your student debt within a year after you graduate?

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    Votes: 9 29.0%
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