Université de Sherbrooke

University Université de Sherbrooke


Université de Sherbrooke is a French-speaking Canadian higher institution that allows students to see the world around them and learn from outside the classrooms. While giving students international opportunities to acquire a deeper understanding of the interconnected world around them, the university has over 300 functional agreement with over 40 countries across the globe- this makes the exploration possible for all students.

Besides, the classroom experience for students is excellent as they use real-life scenarios to discuss topics and interact freely with their lecturers. This aids close and intimate relationships between students and their lecturers. Interestingly, most students of this school work directly with their professors on researches and co-publish journals with them. In the same exceptional environment, Université de Sherbrooke runs a massive co-op program which provides up to about 4,500 placements for students pursuing diverse programs and degree on campus.

Furthermore, the university is one of the most appreciated by many Canadian graduates and it's well known and reckoned for its excellent methods of teaching. The appreciation by Canadian graduates is also beyond just academics but also to the beauty and social activities present within the Université de Sherbrooke campus. Beautified with a green oasis and waterfall, the institution also boasts of the nearby Mont-Bellevue Park, where students can engage in activities like snowshoeing and skiing.

Moreover, Université de Sherbrooke has two satellite campuses. First is the Sherbrooke Health Campus that houses a pharmacology institute, a 400-bed hospital as well as a research center. The other is the Longueuil campus, where over 100 programs across engineering, administration, education, and health sciences are offered. In alliance with Université de Moncton and Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, the institution offers medical courses in Moncton and Saguenay.


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