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The University of Ottawa, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, was founded in 1848 by the OBLATS as the College of Bytown. In 1861, the institution became the College of Ottawa. It stands out because it is one of the largest bilingual universities in North America. Its mandate is to promote bilingualism and biculturalism in a multicultural environment. U. of Ottawa, therefore, offers programs combining education and research in Canada's two official languages (English and French).

In 1866, Parliament granted it the status of university, making the U. of Ottawa the last university to receive its charter before the ratification of the British North America Act, which gives responsibility for education to provincial governments. In l965, the U. of Ottawa became a publicly funded non-denominational institution. It was at this time that it experienced rapid growth. It is merged with the University of Saint Paul, which offers programs and diplomas in theology, philosophy, and canon law.

The University of Ottawa offers courses in its faculties of administration, humanities, education, engineering, health sciences, medicine, law (common law and civil law), science, and social sciences. It also has a Graduate School, a Human Rights Research and Education Center, and an Institute for International Development and Cooperation. Its world-renowned and highly equipped Cardiology Center, the Heart Institute of U. of Ottawa, is located at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. In 1986, it performed the first artificial heart transplant in Canada.The University of Ottawa, located in the capital city of Canada, has a strong partnership and linkage with the business community and the Canadian government through research, cooperative education, and consultation programs. Each year, it receives nearly $91 million in research grants.


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