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The University of St. Michael’s College is one of the few high-ranking schools in the whole of Canada. Since its creation in 1852, the institution has gone ahead to become one of the prestigious higher institutions in Canada offering a variety of courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Academically, this product of the Congregation of St. Basil in federation with the University of Toronto is dedicated to imparting knowledge in a fair and just environment to every scholar seeking to explore the truth. More importantly, the university gives room for dynamism, which imbibes the catholic intellectual life and captures an active undergraduate division.

Extensively, the University of St. Michael’s College offers varieties of courses for undergraduate programs with the likes of Christianity, Celtic, and Medieval studies gracing the list. It also offers three SMC programs that allow scholars and lecturers to develop strategic interdisciplinary means to inquiries concerning faith, technology as well as a broadened history scape.

Primarily, the Faculty of Theology offers a diversity of eight-degree programs in the form of MTS, Mdiv, and MRE degrees. These programs offer courses related to pedagogy and ministry formation, which includes ordained ministry, religious tuition, and other ministerial pastorates, usually embedded in the Roman Catholic Church perspective. The institution also runs the ThM program, which allows Mdiv graduates to advance their scope of knowledge. The DM in program is an advanced level for religious reflection and analysis on the exercise of ministry. Finally, the conventional post graduate programs - MA and Ph.D. programs, offer a unique insight to providing research-oriented education to scholars looking to further their careers in theological research centers and institutions.

Amazingly, the university holds foundational seminars for the freshmen yearly to understand the scope and principles of the school. In the same vein, it uses this as an avenue to make known to the students, the uniqueness and comprehensiveness of diverse subjects and link them up with different academic and religious groups that will help them during their studies.


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