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How to Create a Learning-from-home Routine

Barely a year ago, no one could believe that there will be a time when everyone in the world will have no alternative than to learn online. Well, the reality has set in with the novel COVID-19 pandemic that puts almost everything to a halt in the world. Religious institutions are totally shut down, big markets are either closed or put on strict regulations, school gates are padlocked, and so it is with many other organizations.

To this incident, many educational institutions have now made a frantic switch to distance learning, also known as learning-from-home. The “but” of this transition is that only a few students know how to make use of online platforms for learning effectively. Also, those that know how to learn from the comfort of their homes without the physical presence of their teachers or lecturers are small in numbers.

Therefore, this article will clearly explain a viable learning-from-home routine so that students will not lag in their studies.

So, have a look at the effective learning-from-home routine strategies.


  • Wake up at a normal time

From my observation, many people tend to oversleep when there is a holiday or a break. In fact, some people keep their alarms away from their bedrooms so that they can sleep from morning till night without “disturbance.” Sadly, to get a good result from your learning-from-home routine, it is ideal that you always wake up at the regular time (that is, the time you usually wake up when there is no holiday or break or lockdown). With this, you are likely going to enjoy learning from home.


  • Clean up your reading room

To avoid distractions, you have to clean up a room for studying. This reading room must be well-ventilated, clean, spacious, comfortable, and free from distractions like noise, movies, loud music, etc. If possible, try as much as possible to be the only person in the room while studying so that you will not be distracted with side talks, discussions, and gossips that will hinder your learning process. However, you can be in the room with your home tutor or teacher.



  • Eat good meal

It is not possible to work, read, or do any other activities without having food in your stomach. Without food, one will not have the strength, enthusiasm, and full concentration to study. However, it is crucial not only to eat but also to eat a balanced diet meal that has all the necessary nutrients for healthy living. You need to eat food that sharpens your brain, makes your vision clearer and gives you strength. You can also take chocolate or a cup of coffee to light up your mood.


  • Take your bath and dress comfortably

As funny as it may sound, the truth is that many people do not take their bath once they are indoor. In fact, some people find it difficult to step out of their bedrooms to their bathroom to brush their teeth. It might sound funny, but a lot of us are guilty of this inference. Researches have proven that there is a direct correlation between how refreshed our body is and the rate of assimilation by the human brain. That is, there is a higher chance that you will understand or assimilate what you are reading when you are refreshed (i.e. when you have brushed your teeth and took your bath) than when you are dirty or unkempt.


  • Time for studies

Now, after you have done the above-listed steps, it is safe to say that you can now go into your reading room for study. You have to go with your working book, jotter, pen, and other relevant materials. We advise you to stay away from your mobile phones to prevent distractions from calls, messages, social media, music, or videos. Besides, your chair and table must be comfortable and suitable for reading. You may put on the air-conditioning system or fan if the room is hot or uncomfortable. Take your time to understand the concept of what you are reading and try to link it up with your day-to-day activities so that you can comprehend what you are learning maximally.


  • Take Breaks

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. I will not suggest the time frame for you to read or play, but I will say that you should understand how your body system works. Do not over-stress your brain. You can take a walk, perform some exercises, listen to music or watch videos, or play with your colleagues. With this, your brain will calm down and processes what you have read before going for a break. In other words, your mind gets refreshed and ready to take in more “books.”


  • Sleep

Last but not least on this list is sleep. The usefulness, advantages, and merits of sound sleep can never be overemphasized. Researchers have proven that it is good to sleep at least 6 – 8 hours per day. Do not cultivate the habit of reading 24 hours per day. Remember, it is not how far but how well! In summary, sleep when it is the right time for you to do so and wake up when it is a reasonable time for you to wake up.


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