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A question about gr 11

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A question about gr 11


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Jul 23, 2021
So, I am going to gr 11 this upcoming year and I took English in summer school and I am not doing so well and got a 75 in midterm and I think I won't be able to bump it. So, I was thinking about dropping out and my cousin told me not to because the universities don't care about sem 1 grades and they only look at sem 2 avg and gr 12 sem 1 for conditional offers. So, now my question is, is this true and do universities look at gr 11 marks? So my plan was to get rid of English even if I get a 75 and keep it in the first sem with all the other hard courses and take all tech courses in the second sem of Gr 11 and get an avg of at least 85.

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