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Advice needed on getting my first car as a Student.

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Advice needed on getting my first car as a Student.


Oct 7, 2019
I'm planning to get my first car soon and would want some advice from you guys. I'm a student who has a limited but reasonable budget (~$2000) monthly,
but due to complications with the college I go to, I have to travel around (80+ miles) daily to get there and back. Although I only go only 3 days a week but because of the amount of miles I'll be doing in my first car I don't want to get a total piece of crap. Anything past about 2010 can be ruled out too, usually too expensive or just lousy.

What would y'all recommend? I've been looking at A3s and BMW 1 series, but wouldn't mind downgrading a bit from there (rule out anything that is ugly though, such as old model corsas) 😁


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Sep 11, 2019
You should be considering insurance prices too before you get a car. Most cities in Ontario have a very high prices on car insurance, especially when you are a new driver. What city do you live?


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Jun 30, 2020
I'm a student to and I bought a Toyota, 3k..a used one, it gets great mileage. I like it, it seemed reasonable and beautiful as well. But, I didn't have that money, so get a loan. It's a kind of borrowing money for buying a used car and as well a new one. My father as my best adviser told me that Money Expert is a reliable company. So I check the website, I get a free quote and I paid monthly 200. At that time, it was ok, but in the future, I'm gonna save money for buying my dream car.
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