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Coffee or tea?

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Coffee or tea?


Oct 7, 2019
Recently someone asked how I have so much energy and seem to have a 36 hour day, everyday!

Not going to lie, I'm a busy gal. I told them that I always start my morning with a cup of coffee.

She told me she HATES coffee, all while I'm here thinking which uni student hates coffee - turns quite a few students prefer tea or hot chocolate.

When you need a boost or just a hot drink, do you go for coffee or tea?

- KU rep, final year law student, and coffee enthusiast


Oct 7, 2019
chamomile tea suits me very well
Hmm I had to look that up on google because I haven't heard of it before. I found out that it's a medicinal tea with lots of health benefits.

I will include that into my diet, thanks. :)


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Aug 16, 2020
Fewer students would say they like tea. Coffee is in the first position when choosing a drink in a cafe or restaurant. Ironically, I started drinking coffee when I started college. In my family it is not common to drink coffee, it is considered not good for health. Although, my mother recently discovered a coffee with benefits. Going through a severe depression, the teas didn't help too much. However, Mushroom Coffee that has less caffeine reduced her stress considerably. When reading more about this, she got used to drinking coffee and gave me to try too. Now, I choose mushroom coffee instead of a normal Americano.
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