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Easiest grade 12 courses

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Easiest grade 12 courses


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Sep 29, 2019
I've looked up a few topics and found out that accounting is an easy course but I have not taken Grade 11 accounting yet, so I can't take the Grade 12 one. Do you guys know any other easy subjects that I can take based on this:

P.S: I'm quite good at Maths

These are the courses I took in Grade 11: (mostly U)

  • Maths
  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • World Religions (M)
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Gym (needed the credit) (O)

What are the easy courses I can take for grade 12?

So far I have these

Maths (don't know which one yet)
Religion (mandatory)
Computer Science


Oct 7, 2019
Of the grade 12 math courses, Data Management is usually seen as the "easiest", especially if your forte is math and logic.

Usually, Data Management is considered the easiest Math course especially if you're good in Math and logic. I found Data easier too when I was in gr. 12 because I was good with Math and logic.


Jun 1, 2020
Challenge and Change, Exercise Science (if you are good in memorizing), Data Management (level of difficulty seems to be different at every school). Depends on the teacher too. The high school I went to, exercise science is not a easy course. Highest mark in the course was an 87. First half the course is simple (memory), but our teacher made the second part ridiculously hard. He incorporated physics (vectors), chemistry (pH buffering system), and obviously Bio (energy systems. This is the type of course that is okay during the year, but the exam contains a lot of material.

But on the other hand Computer Science was by far the easiest I have taken so far, two people in this course got 100. Course median was 90, but then again depends on the teacher.


New member
Oct 5, 2019
In terms of M and U level courses..

Visual Arts – Information/Consumer Design [Yearbook] - AWE3M1
Peer helping - IDC4U
International Business - BBB4M

Those are extremely easy courses for pretty much any student.

If you are creative and a decent english student - EWC4U is Writer's Craft and was very easy for me. No essays. No tests. Poems, stories, news articles, memoires, exam, done.


Active member
Sep 11, 2019
What university will you be applying to? seems you are going into the science field. The reason I asked is because some unis require Calculus & Vectors. I will suggest that you take both Calculus & Vectors with Advanced Functions.


Active member
Sep 11, 2019
Also, you can take an easy course in summer school. Food & Nutrition, International Business, Business Leadership, Individuals and Families, are courses that can boost your average.


New member
Oct 18, 2020
If you want to take a easy course, choose BBB4M. All courses under the business discipline are birdy courses and mark boosters. If your school offers BOH4M, take that as well and you wont regret it. Exercise science was the hardest in my high school. The highest mark was a 76. You can also take family studies too.


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