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Flat Girls - Guys what do you think about flat girls?

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Flat Girls - Guys what do you think about flat girls?


New member
Sep 25, 2020
I'm a naturally skinny girl with a low body fat with little bum and a very small boob literally. Sometimes I do feel like guys ain't really into skinny girls. I won't say I'm insecure, but the fact that I see guys obsess over thick girls got me wondering what guys prefer. I've asked few guys in my school and they keep saying the "just be confident in your body" phrase, but I could tell they are not being genuine with their response.

What do you guys on here think about skinny girls? D


New member
Jul 20, 2021
we absolutely do not have any problems with skinny girls lmao, if anything, the vast majority of us prefer skinny girls. guys like to joke about big titties and ass when we're horned up but it really doesn't matter as much as people think it does. 99% of guys value how pretty your face is and your personality above the rest of your body and, even then, a girl being skinny usually just means she's fit, which is something that most guys like.

think of tits and ass the same way girls talk about dicks. im sure girls prefer bigger dicks and talk abt them a lot but nobody's gonna pull out a ruler and ask to see someone's pants when they're getting asked out.

tldr you dont need to worry about your body, as long as you're at a healthy weigh. size really doesnt matter as long as you're cute and nice

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