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How hard is law school in Canada

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How hard is law school in Canada


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Jan 23, 2021
I'm interested in studying law and would like to know how hard law school is? Compared to undergrad studies in Social sciences which I believe to be fairly easy in terms of how easy it is to understand the idea and knowledge; can law school be that fairly easy too?


Jan 23, 2021
Law is pretty much different from other programs. I read an article that indicated there are studies that show anxiety disorders and depression are common and significant amongst law students. Don't get me wrong, some students are capable of getting by easily, but I've seen lots of students who had to spend every bit of their waking hours in the library just to pull off a C at the end (myself included). Most of us used to be an A student in our undergrad programs, but I realized that in Law school, you are contesting against the top tier students from different backgrounds.

So I will say YES, law school is hard.:)


Oct 7, 2019
In my opinion, Law school is about the same as undergraduate. It all boils down to the amount of effort you put in. To perform well, it requires just a bit more effort than undergraduate, especially if you wish to finish with a good grade - I mean A's, B+. In law school, you are in competition with A students, so some extra work will be needed for you to be among the best.

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