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I hate university, It has affected my mental health

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I hate university, It has affected my mental health


Jan 27, 2021
I can clearly remember how happy I was when I got admitted into the university but after my first year in the university, I’ve come to realize that what as being my source of joy at one point in my life has now become my source of sadness. At this point I can boldly say that I hate university because I used to be a very happy individual but after the first semester, everything changed, my mental health wasn’t the same as it used to be.

The workload is just too much and most times, I have to sacrifice my social life just to get things done. Apart from the workload, I have never been excellent academically. There are several times in high school that I struggled with assignments but it’s not as bad as I’m struggling now. Most of my friends and the people that I know doesn’t even put that much work like I do but at the end of the day, their marks are always far better than mine.

I was never an alcoholic in my entire life. The only time I drink was when I’m in a social setting with friends. These days, I couldn’t even go three days without drinking alcohol. I’ve thought about dropping out but few friends that I’ve discussed with encouraged me it was going to get better. I’ll be starting my second year soon but so far, things are appearing like it will be getting worse than it already is.

Any advice and tips on how to cope with these issues that I’m having will be appreciated because I have added dropping out to my options and I sincerely don’t want to.


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Sep 11, 2019
I understand your pain and I'm very sorry to hear that you are having such experiences with university, yours is one of the many have heard. Even I too experienced it at some point but I had to push through. In your own case, reducing the number of courses you take each semester might help with the workload. Perhaps you should give that a try.


Nov 7, 2022
Unfortunately, this is a common problem for all universities. The first year is always the most difficult. Because of this, young guys get lost and become more vulnerable. Their psyche begins to break down, and many start abusing alcoholic beverages or smoking mixtures. So to get out of such a state, you need to be clear to yourself that you have to save yourself. Then it would help if you found the cause of your depression because everyone can have a different one. And then you need to find specialists who will treat you. You may need fherehab.com/depression/treatment to do this. I think that with regular treatment and monitoring the dynamics of your condition - then you will definitely feel better.

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