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I want to lose weight

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I want to lose weight


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Sep 15, 2019
I want to lose weight especially burn my belly fat but I'm too lazy to hit the gym and I also eat a lot of junk food. I'm a regular customer at Mcdonalds. Sometimes I'm determined to start eating healthy and regular exercise but it doesn't last long. Pls guys, how do I keep being motivated always?


Jun 24, 2020
hello guys, yes and I wanted to ask the same question because my sister tried something like that and lost 6kg in 6 weeks, which I think is not bad at all. She told me that a list found on modernfit.com/programs/noom/the-only-noom-food-list-youll-ever-need/ helped me a lot. with the help of this list, her diet was an easy period, meaning she didn't even feel like she was on a certain diet. You can also try to see how your body reacts. You never know what results will get until you give it a try.


Sep 23, 2019
Cardio-vascular exercises is the only dependable way to lose weight. Yes, fasting can also help, but you only get leaner doing fasting alone. Exercising and fasting will make it much more effective.

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