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Maths problem on Percentages

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Maths problem on Percentages


Sep 29, 2019
So guys, for some reasons, I've forgotten how to work with percentages.

For example, if 1586 is 91% of X (unknown number), and I'm trying to find X. First of all, that means that 1586 is 9% less than the number I'm tryna find, right?

Now does that mean there are two methods to go about working this maths problem?

method 1:

do 1586/91 x 100 to find the X

method 2:

do 1586 x 1.09 to find x.

are these methods correct?


Active member
Sep 9, 2019
First method is correct, but the second one is NOT correct

Let's imagine it was not 91%, but 50%. If you applied the second method, rather than dividing by 0.5 (which would double it) you'd be multiplying by 1.5, which is clearly not the same as doubling.

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