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I am a grade 12 student at this moment, and I am about to start my application in a few days. However I am not 100% sure of my choice. I am a person that really loves science in general, chemistry and biology to be specific. I ended up deciding to go ahead with Pharmacy school, however, that is a graduate program. For my undergrad, I was thinking of taking kinesiology. However, after asking some people, I was told it is going to be hard to balance kin courses and prerequisites of Pharmacy school. My marks at the moment are:
  • English: 91
  • Advanced Functions: 95
  • Chemistry: 96
  • Nutrition: 100%
Physics is not required but I am hesitant to take the course next semester, it is recommended though. However I am taking Kinesiology, Chemistry, and Calculus. My PharmD program requires physics 4U or one full course of physics during university. Should I get it over with next semester? Or do I do it in university instead? I wanted to go for an undergrad that could also potentially be my plan b. If I were to stop after my undergrad, I would like to have a good job and something to lean on. Are there any other undergrads with the same outcome? Maybe a co-op program as well? Western is better in many aspects to me. My friends are family are there, it’s safe, the program is amazing, the university is great. I feel at peace when I think of going there. On the other hand, McMaster is amazing as well, I loved the campus and the environment, it’s so great and it really pulled my attention. However, the area outside, to me, is not that safe, I have no one there and I would not feel comfortable outside the campus’ residence.

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