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Planning on going for exchange program

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Planning on going for exchange program


Jun 1, 2020
Hi guys, my elder brother planned to go on exchange program at Japan for his third year, but this COVID-19 pandemic has really disrupted the plan. Presently, he has agreed to postpone the exchange till second semester but he is not sure maybe things would have returned to normal. The issue now is he is really confused about the courses he will choose. Do you think he should only apply to courses that are offered in first semester? How will he go about choosing courses at his exchange university in Japan? Prior to this post, he has sent an email to the exchange coordinator, who has forwarded his questions to the academic advisor. However, my brother has not received any feedback from the academic advisor yet. People say that you are not advised to do exchange in your fourth year but we don't think he has a better choice. Has anyone experienced this?

Please kindly help us out.
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Jun 1, 2020
My sister went for exchange program this past school year in second semester. How she did it? Well, she enrolled in classes at Western for both the first and the second semesters, with her rapt attention on the first semester, and she then filled up her second semester less carefully. Fortunately for her when things were all sorted out, Western International told her to drop her second semester courses at Western.

Now this is my advice, kindly make a good plan on what you want to take but do not do what my sister did because it might affect you. Plan and enroll in second semester courses as if you will not be going for any exchange program.


Jun 1, 2020
You see, the problem is you are likely going to do your thesis in your fourth year. So, logically, it might not be possible.

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