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Western Medical Sciences vs Guelph Biomed


Jun 1, 2020
Hello guys, it is time for double celebration as my younger brother has gained admission to Guelph to study Biomed and to Western University to study Medical Sciences. However, he is a bit concerned about the one to go for between the two schools. From the reviews we have read about Guelph, we discovered that Guelph does not have many wet labs (in bio and chem) which I love so much. As to Western, I heard the environment is a bit toxic and difficult (not sure of this though). Kindly note that i am not after a school that is easy or not, I am just looking forward to a school that will help my career and aspirations. Which school is more student-friendly among the two schools? I also heard that Guelph focuses more on animals in their bio courses, is this true?

Your honest contribution will be greatly appreciated.


Jun 1, 2020
Congratulations!!! I will like you to ask her about her long term career goals after graduation. This will make her to know if any of the two schools or programs is a perfect match for her. But from my perspective, I do not think she can do more with those degrees besides getting job as a lab technician which might not really pay much. Most graduates of med schools proceed to doing graduate or professional training. Some do go to medical school for another degree. For Guelph Biomed, I think she can do well if she considers switching to biomedical engineering instead of biomedical sciences. Biomedical engineering is still untapped and it is a prestigious profession.

Be as it may, sit her down and let her know the pros and cons of going for either course. If she isn't convinced about her passion and career goals, maybe she should see a counselor and know her plan.


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