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Will the lockdown be lifted soon in Canada?

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Will the lockdown be lifted soon in Canada?


Oct 7, 2019
Hopefully it’s looking better and it is basically getting eased off now with province reopening. So I think hopefully more and more restrictions will hopefully get lifted in the next coming weeks. Surely it can’t be any longer than June or July.


New member
Sep 15, 2019
If they actually looked at the latest statistics they’d see that this is a virus with a death rate of about 0.5%, probably much less and the chance of a healthy individual under 45 dying is as close to 0 as can be. I think that with the evidence from Sweden (having a decrease in number of daily cases and deaths despite no lockdown) and the new antibody studies clearly suggests that life should go back to normal for those under who are healthy. Everyone is still so engrossed in this initial fear that was created by the 4-7% predicted death rate that I don’t think lockdown will be lifted for anyone for at least another month. We were right to take precautions but now we know the facts the lockdown should be lifted from this week. I have doubts though because the government still seems to be as concerned as before, despite the overwhelming new evidence (which for some reason hasn’t been on the news)

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